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Adjustments – The One World Substitution For Middle-Class People
Adjustments – The One World Substitution For Middle-Class People

Adjustments – The One Word Substitution For Middle-Class People


In a middle-class family, family members are told to share everything because of their fixed income package. We the people of middle-class family are best in one thing called – adjustments.

For middle-class people, this one word called adjustment is the cheat code they going to live with.

Right from the day one, I was told to not to dream big. Whenever I see my first picture (took on my day 1), I laugh at me. The first impression I made after my birth was – “WTF.” Well, there was nothing I can do. So, accepted my fate. Indisputably, like other kids, I was too raised with love and care, however, the trouble in my case was, I was in the house of middle-class people where everything has its own limits.

In my case, everything was late. I learned to walk late and it took me two years before I could tell my parents that I am done with their home remedies. Be it a pain in the tummy or in my teeth, I remember, how senior citizens used to share their medical expertise. And, despite my rejections, they kept on trying herbals on me like I am not a baby, but some laboratory rabbit for experiments. But, it was all about adjustments.

We middle-class people are extremely good at adjustments and no one can beat us when it is about the usability of a product. I shouldn’t be telling you how we used to extract the toothpaste from its tube with a rolling-pin.

Sometimes, I feel like the ideas behind most of the Indian snacks are developed by middle-class people because most of the snacks can be made with last night’s leftover. Be it a shirt, toothpaste tube, or any food item, we know how to use it until its’ last breath. It is not about hygiene, but wastage and adjustments.

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Until I passed out my university, I was not allowed to buy my clothes. And, all my clothes were of my parents’ choice. Be it my shirt or trouser, every cloth purchased was one size larger than my size. The logic was – durability and adjustment.

Regardless of how loose those clothes are going to be in the current season and how tight they are going to be in next season, I was not allowed to tailor them. Unlike others, middle-class people are taught to use a certain piece of cloth until that can be used as a dusting cloth.

I realized that in middle class, people are very worried about what is happening in the next door. It is not that elite families are not concerned about their neighborhoods, but they treat them as competitors.

However, in the middle class – when our neighbor grows, we label him as a black-marketeer. We live in a bubble that we are the honest person on the earth and whosoever is making money

Another major crisis that you can see with any middle-class kid is – insecurity. Most of the middle-class kids are always uncertain about what they want to do in life. Just because from the day one, we are told to adjust things, we do the same with our career as well.

After spending 10 years studying engineering, we work as a bank clerk. We don’t want to take chance, hence we take anything that comes first.

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Would like to share an incident of my friend. After passing engineering, his parents forced him to join as a bus-conductor because he was unemployed. All his siblings were doing professional well and for his parents, those siblings were the permanent role-models. In middle-class families, it is all about a fixed salary. If you are having a government job, you are no way lesser than a president. However, that friend of mine rejected the idea of his parents; he rebelled. His dream was doing something creative; a business. And, now on monthly basis, he is making way more than a bus-conductor can make in a year.

The worst thing about being a middle-class kid is, you don’t know what you can do. It is your siblings and relatives, who know more about you. They are the people who can give you a complete report of your capabilities. Most of my plans were labeled as “an act of foolishness.” The idea of raising a loan is slavery in the middle class.

Let us talk about our married lives. We follow the same guidelines of adjusting things and, despite endless frustrations, we vote to stay in the relationship that is good for nothing. And, do you know why are these frustrations?

It is adjustments. We middle-class people admire elite class people having divorces, but when it is about ourselves, we want to keep our marital troubles as secrets as we can. For middle-class people, seeking advice on a disturbed marital relationship is an issue of self-respect.

I am not saying that middle-class families are full of crap. Even I am a middle-class person and I was brought up in a middle-class family. My point is – mindset. The problem is not in the mind, but the mindset. It is not that a middle-class person can never reach his dreams.

Anyone can rise, and to do that you need to think high. Adjustments are not the way of living life and we must immediately give up this idea.