Love Story of Jodrell, Alice, And John – Finally She Came.

Jodrell, John And Alice. Finally She Came.
Jodrell, John And Alice. Finally She Came.
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Morning it was and the highway was full of cars. Jodrell was already late for his very important meeting. His car was running out of fuel, so he thought of refilling the tank. After refilling, he tried to ignite the engine, but the steering of the car was locked. So, he asked for help and he was told that due to some technical and computerization fault, the car can only be fixed by the manufacturers. So, after calling them and handing over the keys, Jodrell preferred taking the train from a nearby train station.

Jodrell, John And Alice. Finally She Came.
Jodrell, John And Alice. Finally She Came.

Unlike India, in the USA, people prefer public transport. Most of the commuters prefer parking their cars near railway stations and boarding a train. This is the reason behind fully packed trains, especially during peak hours of the morning. Well, after a few minutes a train arrived and Jodrell boarded it.

Chapter 1 - They were destined to meet

Jodrell’s office was 7 stations ahead of that place and as the compartment was fully loaded, hence, he was left with no option than standing like others. Right next to him, at a distance of a few steps, there was a beautiful girl with her blonde hair. She was consistently looking at him. Jodrell was already impressed with her simplicity.

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Every time he looked at her, he found her looking at him. After a few stations, she went off. It was a hell-packed compartment, so Jodrell was not able to trace her. After three stations, it was Jodrell’s time to get off the train. While he was walking towards his office, he received a call from the car company.

He was told that due to some major fault, it will take around a month and as compensation, the company is sending him another car. But, he refused. He told them, “No. I don’t need a car. I can manage.” Although there were 7-8 cars parked in Jodrell’s house, after that day, Jodrell voted for the train.

Next day, he parked his car and boarded the same train. Luckily, he met the same girl in the same compartment. This continued for the next two days and on the third day, Jodrell decided to befriend that girl. He called up his receptionist and informed her to cancel everything as he is going to be late. So, the next day, as planned, he gets off with her. After a few minutes of walk, he was able to follow her.

Chapter 2 - Love At First Sight

But, the next thing he saw, totally shocked him. That girl was walking with a blind-stick. She was blind.

Jodrell, John And Alice. Finally She Came.
Jodrell, John And Alice. Finally She Came.

Jodrell was in love with her. He was in a deep shock. That day, he decided not to talk to her. But, the next day, he chased her again and stopped her. After a formal introduction, Alice told him that she already knows that Jodrell followed her a day before, as well. On asking how she knows, she replied, “I can smell the perfume on you.”

Well, their casual friendship was now becoming a very strong friendship. Then, one day, Jodrell asked Alice, about her blindness; whether she is born blind or she lost her eyes in an accident?

Chapter 3 - When Secrets & Lies Were Walking Together

To which, she replied, she lost her eyes in an accident and she is under treatment. Even on that day, she had an appointment with his eye-specialist. On insisting, Jodrell accompanied her. After a formal medical investigation, Jodrell made a false excuse. “ Alice, I am getting late for a meeting. How about meeting tomorrow.”?

After this, he hired a cab for Alice, and after seeing her off, he rushed back to the same eye-specialist. On his request, he told him that her eyes can be treated, but Alice is not financially capable. Jodrell proposed about paying her expenses and told him that if she inquires about the source, just tell her that it was from a charitable trust.

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After a few days, she got her eyes treated and she was now able to see things clearly. Jodrell was happy for her and he started with his plans of proposing her.

Chapter 4 - A Proposal That Never Happened

Next day, he called Alice and fixed a meeting. Today, Jodrell was in full mood of proposing. As soon she arrived, Jodrell realized, she was not breathing properly and was experiencing breathe shortness.

“What’s wrong, Alice? Why are you in such a pain? What is the reason behind this breathe shortness?” Jodrell asked. “I was late and I was feeling bad for you. I thought you must be waiting for long. So, I just ran from the station.”

It was around 30 minutes now, but Alice was not normal. She was still experiencing breathe shortness. Suddenly, she fainted and fell down. Jodrell was shocked and he called up the ambulance.

Jodrell, John And Alice. Finally She Came.
Jodrell, John And Alice. Finally She Came.

Upon reaching the hospital, he was told that Alice is the first candidate of heart transplant’s 1A list. In the US 1A list means patients who need a heart transplant immediately and in any case, they are given priority. Alice was a heart patient.

Once again, Jodrell gave his hundred percent in finding a heart for her. But the problem with Alice’s heart transplant was her blood group. She was A2B and this is a very rare blood group. Hope you know that for heart transplant, (donor and receiver’s) blood group must be the same. Well, on that day, Alice was discharged after basic treatment.

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On the next very day, Jodrell talked about this and his family doctor told him that Jodrell’s blood group is A2B. To keep his love alive, Jodrell was all set to donate his heart, but that was legally not possible. After a few days, Jodrell received a response from a nearby hospital. They told him about the availability of a matching heart.

Chapter 5 - The Reason Behind Their Meet

But, Jodrell was sure that he won’t be able to convince Alice because she is a very self-respecting lady. So, he thought of marrying her because as a wife she won’t have any reason to deny. At the same time, there was another thought going on in Jodrell’s mind. “What if she refused his marriage proposal?” Keeping this possibility in mind, he called his receptionist and asked her to create a fake contest and announce Alice as a winner. So, in case of her denial, he still would have a chance to help her with money.

After this, he called Alice’s doctor and told him about the donor. He further told him to inform Alice about the donor after two days. Jodrell arranged everything for Alice.

Then, the day came. Jodrell picked his car from the car station. He loaded car’s boot with heart-shaped balloons and purchased a nice diamond ring. He ranged Alice and fixed a meeting. He felt that Alice is more impatient about this meeting. Well, for him, it was a good sign.

Jodrell, John And Alice. Finally She Came.
Jodrell, John And Alice. Finally She Came.

That was morning hours and the highway was full of cars. Alice was consistently ringing him. “I guess she already knows that I am going to propose her,” Jodrell talked to himself. Well, after a few minutes, Jodrell arrived at his destination. He parked his car at a distance because the nearest parking was not available.

Finally, Jodrell reached that place and he found Alice waiting for him. After apologizing for coming late, he pulled a chair next to Alice. As Jodrell was telling her about why he is late, Alice pointed towards a man.

“Jodrell, meet John. He is my fiance.”

Jodrell was broken, but he gave no signs. He congratulated both for their marriage. Upon asking for his presence in their marriage, Jodrell made an excuse that his company is sending him to Germany for a year or two and he won’t be able to see Alice anymore.

Jodrell, John And Alice. Finally She Came.
Jodrell, John And Alice. Finally She Came.

Nevertheless, they will be in touch via phone. These were the last words between Alice and Jodrell. He further moved towards his car.

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Then, he called his receptionist and doctor. In the very next moment receptionist called Alice. She informed her about winning a $50000 prize money.

Jodrell, John And Alice. Finally She Came.
Jodrell, John And Alice. Finally She Came.

Right after the receptionist’s call, the doctor called Alice. He informed her about the possibilities of a heart transplant and the availability of a donor. For Alice, this was nothing, but a miracle. In a day, her two biggest worries were sorted.

Jodrell, John And Alice. Finally She Came.
Jodrell, John And Alice. Finally She Came.

The day after that Alice was admitted and her heart transplant was a 100% success. Until she was not given a green signal, a man used to visit her on daily basis. He introduced himself as a representative of the same charitable trust, who donated money for Alice’s eye treatment. But, the truth was something different. It was a fictitious charitable trust formed by Jodrell to help her. And, Alice was not aware of this truth.

After six months of her surgery, Alice was given a green signal. She was now completely fine. By this time, for Alice, Jodrell was a history; all gone. After her surgery, she married John.

Chapter 6 - It Was All Planned.

One fine evening, Alice switched on the television. On every new channel, the same story was running. “A successful entrepreneur died in an accident.”

Jodrell, John And Alice. Finally She Came.
Jodrell, John And Alice. Finally She Came.

Next visuals of that new were, “heart-shaped balloons flying in the air. “It seems like this man was up for wedding proposal. But, the poor guy lost his life.” Alice told John. Then, came his photo on the screen. “It was Jodrell.” A person who used to travel on the train was one of the richest entrepreneurs of US.

Alice was stunned. A guy, who used to be around her, is her boss. Alice was an employee in one of his 1000 stores.

Jodrell was a rich guy and his death was a big trouble for the concerned insurance companies. There was a debate going on that news channel. A speaker was arguing that it was a suicide. Driver himself locked his car steering and there was no technical fault. So, their company is not liable for issuing any sort of insurance claim. In the same debate, Alice saw that man, who used to visit her in the hospital as a charitable trust’s representative.

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After a few days, in another evening, someone rang Alice’s doorbell. It was the same guy; the charitable trust’s representative. He handed over a bouquet of flowers and before he can leave, Alice stopped him. She asked, “was it Jodrell, who paid for her eye treatment?”

Jodrell, John And Alice. Finally She Came.
Jodrell, John And Alice. Finally She Came.

To which, that guy told him, “not only eyes, but the heart that is beating in her belongs to Jodrell.” In that very accident, Jodrell’s brain was dead, but as his heart was working fine, so as per his request, it was donated. He was completely sure that as you were the first candidate to receive a heart as per 1A list, so his heart will be given to you.

And, fortunately, it was given to you.

Jodrell, John And Alice. Finally She Came.
Jodrell, John And Alice. Finally She Came.

After saying this, the man left and Alice was looking at those flowers. There was a slip with a few lines written on it.

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