Love or Studies – what to choose at 19?

Love or Studies? - what to choose at 19?
Love or Studies? - what to choose at 19?
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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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  1. The last year of being a teen.
  2. Why choose between studies and love?
  3. Plan together, grow together.

Valentine’s day is approaching. Once again the market is going to flood with teen love birds; spending their pocket money on rose petals, heart shape balloons, chocolates, cafeteria coupons, and box office tickets. Next day, most of them will be treating it as a stupidity and will be finding justifications.

Well, jokes apart! Love or studies; undoubtedly the hardest question for a teenager. But, with a few exceptions, this is the bitter reality of teens nowadays; kids are more under the influence of reel life characters. To have a boyfriend or girlfriend is more likely a necessity now.

No doubt, at 19, the teens experience both physical and emotional changes in life; they are transforming into adults. Suddenly they are asked to make some important choices about their freedom and career. After a long spoon-feeding style of parenting, parents expect them to have wise decisions about their career and other areas of life. Isn’t a joke?

But, regardless of your parenting, by the time you reach at 19, you are supposed to develop a little acumen and a burning desire for your career. Trust me, if you are not taking things seriously, then life might not take you seriously afterward.

Okay. So, am I saying the same thing, “study, study, and study?” No. Not at all. I am not asking you to slay those gushing hormones and ignore that chemical reaction; known as love? You are not supposed to run from this boyfriend-girlfriend thing. But, you need to handle the pressure without altering other things.

This is the age when you develop your ideas about opposite sex when you learn about them, and when you can have a sensible connection. I repeat – sensible connection. There is no harm in dating, but only after knowing and respecting your true priorities.

In teenage, everything seems like a story of Cinderella and Aladdin. But, in reality, things are different. It is okay to have a partner. There is no harm in dating someone with whom you have lifetime plans. But, how long those boxes of chocolates are going to last?

How long are you going to ask your parents to support your love journey? Life is like a car, and besides regular workshop visits, you need fuel to keep it running. And, for that fuel, you have to have a career.

Keep your emotions alive. Learn to manage your time. This will not only help you in your professional life, but also in your personal shores. Make a timetable and stick to it; make no compromises. Plan your cafeteria visits a day before and do not you bunk your classes for that. Make sure that your dating life is not disrupting your studies.

If you are not dating someone with a lifetime togetherness plan, you are wasting your time and money as well. There is no good use of flogging a dead horse, they say. You don’t want to date someone, who is not at all serious about their future.

Help and support each other in respective careers and grow together. I am sure you have heard of “study dates,” where you can be together without compromising your studies.

Do not forget, teenage years are important in many ways, those are the times when you are exploring yourselves and establishing a sense of self. Try to make the most out of your last year of being a teen.