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Your Love Killed Whatever Good Was Left in Me
Your Love Killed Whatever Good Was Left in Me

Your Love Killed Whatever Good Was Left in Me

Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.


There comes a time in everyone’s life, when every secret answer associated with passwords and banking pin numbers revolve around the person you love the most.

Seems funny! Isn’t it? But this is true. We, the humans, are the most unimaginable, unrealistic, and selfish creatures on this motherly planet. Can you really dare to disagree from this? I seriously doubt, not at all. People change and they change for a reason. Most of time, the reason behind their inhuman attitude is human; a person whom they loved or trusted more than anyone else. For me, it was the sudden death of our relationship; the day your love killed whatever good was left in me.

Do I really need to tell you that friends can be lovers, but lovers can never be friends? I don’t think so. But, what what most of us don’t know is – one should never fall in love with a friend. In case of any sudden separation, you have to haul the burden of three dead bodies; yours, your love’s and your friendship’s.

Despite knowing this fact, I did the mistake. I fell in love with a friend of mine. It was her who proposed first and after saying ‘No’ for a few times, I accepted her love.

She was the best of friend of mine and while accepting her love, I was much worried about losing her friendship.

I loved her from the core of my heart. For me, she was the only reason behind my smile and her happiness was the only purpose of my life.

I don’t how, but after a few months of significantly small telephonic calls and exchange of messages (we were geographically at different locations; different countries), talking to her became a habit. Never realized that whatever I am earning, I was sending everything to the telephone company; every month 400-500$ bills.

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I was so in love with her and never realized that I am putting my career at risk. For me, talking to her on the phone was the only priority. I had a real fight with my roommate, when he tried to explained me, how she is cracking a fool out of me. She never called me because she was smart. I never realized that she is not after me, but my good time.

Every time she failed to answer my call, it used to give me a heartache. By the passage of time, the number of unanswered calls increased and it was the beginning of my restless nights. Now, she used to give me a miss call, as and when it suited her the best. “Don’t call me! I am with friends. Don’t call me on weekends because my brother is around.”

Once again, my roommate tried to show me the reality. This time, I gave him my ear. He suggested me a surprised visit to her country (was a neighboring country). He suggested me, to befriend someone that is in her Facebook’s friend list. The reason was – infidelity.

For the first time, I did everything my friend said to me. I booked a surprised visit to her country. That common friend of ours, he helped me with accommodation. The best part was – he never realized that I know her; used a fake Facebook profile.

Then, happened something that changed my life.

I was literally spying her. And, boom! Caught her red handed with another guy. And, this was no one else, but that common friend.

A day before leaving her country, me and that common friend had drinks. He showed me several pictures with her in compromising positions.

“Ah! is she your girl friend? Do you really love her? Are you guys getting married?” I asked him.

WTF! Not at all. No one can love her. In the beginning, I had feelings for her, but after knowing her reality, I backed off. She is not a person to be loved. But, there is someone who love her madly. I feel sorry for that guy.

Why so and how do you know that someone loves her? I asked.

One night, we were making out (having sex), and consistently someone was ringing. And, she wrote an sms in front of me, “don’t call me! I am with family.” I laughed and I asked, “do you need any help to sort this out?” She said no, “he is an idiot; I can handle.”

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I was completely broken.

In between of this, he had a message from her, “I am alone tonight! Any plans?”

That common friend of ours, popped his phone and showed me the message. “Now tell me, do you think, she deserved to be loved?”

Well, you have a good sleep. I am going to have a good time tonight. Will be back by morning.

Next morning, it was 9 A.M and that common friend was not home yet. I preferred leaving his place. Before leaving for the airport, I left a note for him.

“I don’t know whether you saved me or ruined me. But, thanks buddy! Oh Yes! I was one madly in love with her. Do me a favor, please don’t tell her that you had helped me and you made me saw her true face.”

After my flight touched down and we were asked to switch back our phones, I had a message from her, “don’t call me! I am with family.”

Oh! This was a reply to my last night’s message that I sent her from my phone.