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Love Is Nothing, But Suffering When You Are With Mr. Wrong
Love Is Nothing, But Suffering When You Are With Mr. Wrong

Love Is Nothing, But Suffering When You Are With Mr. Wrong


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If we are ready to suffer, so are we ready to love. The constant nagging, the charming way of criticisms that you take it in and feel loved, is actually nothing, but your passion for having him forever.

Love is nothing, but suffering when you are with Mr. Wrong. I am saying this because I had personally experienced it. People say love is a passion, but in my opinion, passion for Mr. Wrong is nothing, but suffering.

The story does not end here. You are ready to share the space, not just the physical, but your mental space as well. You initially do get annoyed by your partner’s behavior, but eventually, you will get used to it and sometimes end up inculcating one.

When you are with Mr. Wrong, unknowingly you sacrifice a lot of things, moments (when you choose to be with your partner rather than being with your best friends or family members) and some nice dinners (bacon over green leafy nutrient filled ceasar salad).

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You start with adjusting things and you end up with adaptation. You won’t grow gills or you won’t evolve literally, but there will be a change in you.

And, surprisingly, it is not you, but someone very close to you, say your mom or sister or a dear friend of yours, is going to notice first. After a few sessions of complaints and advice, they will start empathizing.

You are hardly going to notice you sufferings because you are not just in love with your partner, but also in love with the whole idea of being in love. This moment shows how along with the ability to suffer, you have lost the ability to see, hear, and be rational or least pragmatic.

Your friends are worried about you. However, you only see your Mr. Wrong as the only savior. After feeling that you have proved your worth, you start expecting that now he will value your efforts and appreciate a bit of your worship.

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But, unfortunately, nothing happens the way you want. You end up mothering him, but he will never appreciate​ you. At last, you will get used to his behavior; the way he is feeding on you.

By this time, you will start experiencing the pain of love. And, the moment you express your pain to him, all he will say is, “you are a crybaby and complain a lot.” Then, he confuses you and eventually makes you feel that you are responsible for the mess.

The best thing is, he will make you believe that he had entrusted you with so much love and care. He will prove you as a pitiless, emotionless, fastidious, and a thankless personality.

After trying every possible thing that can make your Mr. Wrong to understand your pain, you yourself will be crowning him a winner; you will quit.

Finally, you will be asked to have some courage to just let go. This is going to the period, where you are supposed to walk off, start to feel the pain, and grow with it until you are healed.

Once you are back, you will be sharing your experience with others as a warning, and especially with those, who you think are going to be the future sufferers.

Crux – It took me a year to understand, but please don’t drag it for sake of being in love. True love will never hurt you and will always walk beside you, be it happiness or sad times.”