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Livpure - Why Do You Need A RO Water Purifier for Home
Livpure - Why Do You Need A RO Water Purifier for Home
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Livpure – Why Do You Need A RO Water Purifier for Home


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A few years ago we made a calculation of how much money we spend on bottled water a month and we realized that drinking water represents a much higher cost than we have estimated. So we decided to buy a simple and affordable water filter at the price.

Livpure Glo 7-Litre
Livpure Glo 7-Litre RO + UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier

Tap water is drinkable, but can often be contaminated with unwanted elements such as sediments, parasites, lead, rust, solvents, chemicals, chlorine. Surely, you also know that bottled water in plastic packaging is not healthy because of the raw material from which they are made.

Products packaged in plastic may contaminate the contents with toxic substances; Bisphenol A (BPA), benzene and other toxic substances for the body that are endocrine perturbations (leading to endocrine diseases and unhealthy weight gain or decrease), neurotoxins (excitotoxin), carcinogens and others. This is the reason, why we need an RO water purifier for home.

There are numerous options available that you can explore through websites for the best water filter. Each of them is offering a good amount of information about water purifier’s features, feasibility, and comfort. But, not all of them talk about technical excellence of their product.

Not every water purifier for home comes with ionization functions besides filtering. As we know that our body contains 70% water and it plays a vital role in our life, thus, having the best water to drink is a must.Livpure RO water purifier that comes with many stages high precision filtration, is becoming the most preferred RO water purifier in India.

With a purification capacity of 12 liters per hour, Livpure RO water purifier uses RO + UV + UF + Taste Enhancer technology for purifying water and in comparison to other water purifier prices, this RO Water Purifier Price is justifiable.

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LivePure is not just a simple water filter but also a water ionizer that besides filtering water can separate the water into two streams, one alkaline (high pH) and one acidic (low pH), plus water ionization in this Modulates molecules and reduces cluster size (very important for health), binds multiple oxygen molecules (increases oxygen levels in water) and increases the concentration of ionized minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

You can opt for this water purifier for your home if you have a very limited space in your kitchen. Moreover, it’s sleek design and eye-catchy looks will be adding a wow-factor to your kitchen. In comparison to various other available purifiers, Livpure RO water purifier for home provide multiple dispensing options.

It’s a water purifying process that is divided into various sections. The filtration process starts with the removal of coarse impurities from tap water to softens and chelates scale-producing salts in water.

Then, after adsorbing chlorine and organic impurities such as pesticides, water is a further process for the removal of pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, and THMs. In addition, microbes that are harmful to health, such as bacteria, viruses, and protozoa, are also eliminated.

Thereafter, comes the mineralization process. This process is all about enhancing the taste and quality enhancement. Also, necessary minerals get added to water. It’s ultraviolet (UV) disinfection functionality takes care of elements that are the prime reason behind bacteria, viruses, and protozoa.

After such a long filtration process, it is made sure that you get potable, healthy, and safe water.

In the beginning, you may discover the bitterness in the taste of water. But, after consuming the same for a few days, you will develop a taste for it.

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I don’t need to tell you that water must contain important minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, potassium, iodine, sodium, chlorine, fluorine to maintain mineral balance.

Water that is devoid of all these important nutrients will not help to rehydrate the body, and on the contrary, will have adverse effects on human health.