Listen Carefully – Eyes Got A Lot To Say About Your Health

Listen Carefully – Eyes Got A Lot To Say About Your Health
Listen Carefully – Eyes Got A Lot To Say About Your Health
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  1. A pitcher often occurs is a serious thing.
  2. Whites of the eyes is yellowish - Gallbladder attack.
  3. Do you know what diabetic retinopathy is?

Our lips try to fake a million things, but our eyes speak a billion things.

Eyes; indisputably the most precious gifts that we all have, be it human or animals. Nothing can replace a pair of eyes. Eyes are a mirror of a person’s personality. If you know how to read eyes, you can a million things about someone. But, ever wondered, what doctors (other than eye specialists) scan your eyes for when you visit them for a regular checkup? Well, other than your personality traits, eyes can disclose several secrets about your health.

Permanent Pitcher

If you ever had a pitcher, you know what causes pain and irritation. A lump on the eyelid occurs due to a blocked sebaceous glands and usually goes away in a few days. It can also persist, causing serious problems.

In the case in which a pitcher often occurs or persists for a long period of time, it may be a symptom of sebaceous gland carcinoma. If you notice that does not heal or appears in the same place, it is time to go to the doctor!

Loss of Eyebrows

There are lots of reasons why eyebrows fall, such as aging, stress or nutrient deficiency. Alopecia areata or “bald spot” may be another reason, but it affects no more than 0.1% of the population.

Another plausible reason for the loss of eyebrows is hypothyroidism; thyroid hormone an acute shortage which, in extreme cases, can lead to hair loss. So if your hair thins, you better go to the doctor to check on the thyroid gland.

Blurred Vision

Many of us spend hours in front of computers at home or at work, and this can have this consequence. Nowadays, this situation is so common that there is a special term in medical practice that describes vision problems caused by computer, mobile phone or e-book, namely dry eye syndrome. If you recognize these symptoms, check with your doctor!

Blind Spots

Blind spots are always frightening. This can cause ocular migraines, especially if the image is accompanied by floaters or wavy. Usually, in this case, the headaches occur.

Eyes Bulging

It happens when we have to rub our eyes or blink several times, to have a clear vision again. If this happens often, it can be a symptom of graves disease, which means that your thyroid is overactive. Difficulties in closing the eyes are one of the symptoms that can make eyes look puffy.

Whites of The Eyes is Yellowish

Every day we look in the mirror, so it’s impossible to miss this issue if it exists. Both adults and newborns with severe hepatic jaundice may face. This can be closely related to a gallbladder attack.

Blurred Vision in Diabetics

People with diabetes should pay attention to their health, especially vision. One problem may be diabetic retinopathy, a condition that is caused by damage to blood vessels photosensitive retinal tissue.

Blurred, Changed, Lost Vision

Any change of view is an alarm signal. If you notice that your vision is suddenly impaired or even completely disappears for a moment, seek medical help immediately, as these symptoms are often the first signs of a stroke.

Look into your eyes and try to understand what they have to tell you about your health.