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Lip Care Tips For Summer Season

Lip Care - How To Get Rid of Dry and Cracked Lips
Lip Care - How To Get Rid of Dry and Cracked Lips
Photo Credit: Voy / Bigstockphoto


  1. Stop biting your lips.
  2. Do not buy any random balm.
  3. Increase intake of Vitamin A and E.
  4. Avoid acidic juices and fruit acids.

The unpleasant feeling arises when lipstick “tighten” ugly lips . Do you want strong and healthy lips? All you have to do is to cherish, to moisturize and you’ll get a look as expected. Here are some suggestions:

Exfoliate your lips each week. Your lips are sensitive and cracked. For exfoliation using coffee grounds and massage in circular motions can get you the best results. You will quickly see the amazing result.

The skin is the body’s main protective barrier against external aggressors environment. Lips, because they have so sensitive structure, can easily be abused by the sun too strong, the wind, cold, dust and dry air. And, if we take into account the increased number of factors potentially harmful that can act at any moment on the lips, it is surprising that they do not suffer even more and do not develop pathologies more aggressively.

We always try to protect ourselves from the sun, try to deal with all the vagaries of the weather, but in front of their lips often leave uncovered without adequate protection. For lips, dehydration can be the synonymous emergence of a local crisis.

To start with, you need to always protect them. Use special creams, balms with powerful moisturizers to keep your lips soft and velvety. And before leaving the house, always apply conditioner or cream (opt for the UV protection) special.

Olive oil is a great moisturizer for your dry lips. Use it with confidence every night before bed. In the same category falls the shea butter. Strong moisturizing and nourishing, it’s perfect for chapped lips.

Increase the intake of Vitamin A that can be obtained from food sources like tomatoes, carrots, and green leafy vegetables.

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Another very effective natural remedy is Milk and Vitamin E. Exfoliate lips with a floppy cotton wool soaked in milk with normal fat content.

Avoid acidic juices and fruit acids (mainly citrus) because they can irritate the lips extra. Do not buy any random balm.