Life Hacks – You Don’t Have to Convince Anyone of Anything

Stop telling everyone everything

Life Hacks - You Don't Have To Convince Anyone Of Anything
Life Hacks - You Don't Have To Convince Anyone Of Anything
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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.


  1. Stop convincing people.
  2. Be real and stop faking.
  3. Love yourself before loving anyone else.
  4. Live life they way you want.

Family members, friends and even strangers always have an opinion about how you should behave, how to look, who to communicate and how to build relationships.

Sometimes people go so far as to require the explanation about your personal life choices. Why do we even share things with non-concerned people? This is a question of the hour. According to the experts, you don’t have to convince anyone of anything and stop telling everyone everything.

So, in any case, it is you who is responsible for your pain, and happiness. You do not have to report anyone. If you are aware of your situation in life, then you have your own reasons to keep it, and it should not be anyone’s interest. If your happiness depends on upon the happiness of others; don’t confuse yourself because you can never be happy.

Since we are all unique individuals with different values and priorities; so, variation is possible and acceptable. You are a unique personality and I don’t think you need to tell anyone, why you are so.

We all live in a world of problems. The only difference is – the way we express them. However, what you are today is because of the choice you made yesterday.

Speak it up, if someone crosses the limit and stop bothering about being sorry. If you do not feel sorry for your actions or if you think person on the other side does not deserve forgiveness, you do not need to apologize.

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Do not panic about relationship. Many people try too quick to apologize. They think this will heal the wounds that are not yet ready for such “treatment.” This can only worsen the situation.

Do not worry about what others’ are talking about you. It is okay, if you don’t want to be a part of useless social gatherings. Let them call you “rude”, “anti-social”, “arrogant” or whatever they want to. After all, it is good for you to have some time to relax.  You don’t need to tell anyone, why you don’t want to be a part of their company.

People are very much passionate about beliefs. But, you do not have to sit and shake your head in approval. If you do not share your ideas, others will assume that you are in. If you are not comfortable with someone’ argument, submit your disapproval and you don’t have to tell them, why you thinking that way.

You have every right to say “No” if you have no good reason to agree. If you want to get the bigger piece of the cake, master yourself with the art of giving up everything that is not your priority.

Boldly say “No” to everything that distracts you from the main goals. Do not let anything divert your eyes from the aim. 

If you are in a relationship, it’s nobody’s business. No one is supposed to ask you – where, when and how you had sex. Should anyone ask you anything about your sex life, you can simply tell him to the face – none of your business.

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In addition to these, you also do not need to explain why you are single. If you are married or not, this should not be anyone’s concern. Let me tell, you, being alone is no way a personality disorder. Whether you want to marry and have children or not, it remains a personal decision.

Because, even if you get married, you are going to meet some people telling you that you are not “perfect couple,” or that you must look for someone else. You don’t need anyone’s approval and you don’t need to convince anyone.

Live your life and do not pause it for anyone . Make mistakes and learn from them – this is life.