Let us have a BEER

Let us have a beer
Let us have a beer
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Just take a little weight to rush to appoint a guilty … And the beer is often part of the top 5 culprit. Why this drink is it a victim of its reputation as the studies refute without problems?

But there is something to question the chips that accompany the glass. It is time to put aside preconceived ideas and to celebrate the many benefits of beer. Because there is! Made from hope, barley and wheat beer can promote digestion, help you sleep better and even reduce our cholesterol levels. So do not hesitate to integrate it in a reasonably healthy lifestyle, not to mention that alcohol is consumed in moderation!

It Aids Digestion

In addition to its effect diuretic due to its composition rich in water, beer is a nutrient-rich beverage. Cereals it contains can cover a daily fiber intake. Thereby beer consumption protects the intestinal flora. Remember – the recommended daily intake of fiber is between 25 and 30 g, man and woman alike.

It Eliminates Toxins

If you diet, drink beer! Its diuretic function allows it to release toxins faster. In addition, it contains no fat and contains only 45 calories (against 52 for a fruit juice). It acts as an excellent appetite suppressant and provides quick satiety effect thanks to its large amount of water and carbohydrate content.

More Healthy Kidneys

A Finnish study found that men who drank one beer cans per day reduced their risk of developing kidney stones by 40%. A theory exists elsewhere on this. The high content of water of beer would help keep the work of the kidneys , while the hops found in beer helps to prevent the formation of stones.


It Make Foods Lighter 

This is the secret ingredient of chefs and cooks. By its many flavors, it adorns, falls while agreeing well with spices, and makes the pasta pancake and light, air and crispy donut! Also, for those in defeat for digestive problems, no more problems ! It will just be reasonable spread, jam, chocolate, or honey.

It Relaxes and Calms

Studies have shown that beer relieves tension and calm anxious people. This is due to the presence of black medic , the substance that makes up hops and brings bitterness to beer. In addition, phosphorus and minerals that are found in large quantities in strong drink calms the nervous system. Totally relaxed body is also more easily sleep .To better withstand the daily stress, a beer?

It Strengthens Bones

Beer contains a water-soluble form of silicon (especially lager), orthosilicic acid and phytoestrogens (plant-derived estrogen) which enhance the development of bone tissue. Beer, therefore make them denser bones and would fight against the osteoporosis, a widespread bone disease, which mainly affects men, women and the elderly.

It is Good for the Heart

The substances contained in beer help to reduce the risk of heart disease. Ethanol, which helps reduce the risk of heart attack and cardiovascular disease by up to 60% by promoting the reduction of bad cholesterol and increase good. Vitamin B, which helps reduce the risk of amino acid concentration in the blood responsible for diseases of the heart.

It Prevents Cancer

Beer mitigates the risk of breast cancer, endometrial or prostate. In fact, it consists of an active ingredient, humulone, from brewing hops, which can treat this type of pathology. Also, antioxidants and flavonoids contained therein act positively against tumors. Note : Alcohol promotes the development of cancers. It is therefore important to keep in mind that the beneficial effects of beer are mainly beverages without alcohol.

It Prevents Senility

According to several studies, the consumption of beer or rather the yeast would prevent the risk of senility. Indeed, it contains vitamin B, very important for brain function and enhancing cognitive function.

Do you know that the beer sometimes serves full meals? Rich in protein, B vitamins and minerals, sometimes beer meets the nutritional needs of a meal. But beware, a beer does not replace balanced meals.

In addition to these, The researchers found that alcohol increases the sensitivity to insulin, which helps to protect us against the diabetes. It lowers the blood pressure, thus, moderate beer drinkers are less likely to develop hypertension blood. Let us not forget that this is a risk factor for heart attacks. Last but, not the least, a beer means more life; beer increase your life expectancy.

A study says, moderate beer consumption prevents around 26,000 deaths per year. Do not forget that the key to reaping the benefits of beer, is moderation because excess of everything is bad, they say.


We all know, excessive alcohol consumption can damage our liver and can even lead to problems such as cancer or diseases heart. So, one beer 340 ml per day for women and two for men .