Let go of your EGO and there you Go

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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.

Long time ago, there was an Island. The inhabitants of the place were known as Feelings. Then, on one scary moonless night, a storm came; vanished everything. The love dared and made a boat. Love asked all the feelings to board the boat for survival. Before leaving, Love noticed, every other feeling was on the boat except one. Oh my goodness, where is “EGO?” Love went back to look for EGO, love tried a lot but because of its stubbornness, EGO refused. Eventually, while saving EGO, love died.”

This is not just a tale, but a fact. “Rishtey marte nahi, marey jaatey hai.” Dare to challenge me if I am wrong, the prime suspects and the main culprits behind the murder of any relationship are always egos, attitude and ignorance; there is no natural death.

I was right during an argument! Oh Really? Just Give it A Second Thought.

Okay! No wonder if you say, “show me one single person who doesn’t have this EGO.” Well, if that is the case, you might be mixing self-esteem with EGO. Self respect is all about maintaining the level of your confidence whereas Ego is about maintaining your superiority or importance.

The confidence level is the main part that plays the role. Let me share another example. A kid come to you and say, “hey uncle, you look fat.” Would you feel offended? Not at all. Be it your colleague, saying the same thing to you, “you will heat up like a bike silencer.

A huge emotional outburst.” The reason is, you feel confident when it is a kid and your confidence level shakes when the opponent is your fellow. The feeling of supreme and an unhealthy attachment to oneself, won’t let you go any further. It will only make you a frog in the well; self-centered insecure personality.

Attitude is an egg of Ego. Am I an egoistic personality? Give it a check. Do you always want to be praised by all means? Do you feel jealous and insecure about others’ achievements? Are you deeply attached to your ideas only?

Do you take criticism as an attack? Contrasting opinions trouble you? You feel like doing anything to make your idea stand? Would you feel giving up when your ideas are dropped and considered as a second choice? Congratulation.

You are the winner of this content and yes you are an Egoistic Personality. Being an egoistic and self-proclaimed perfectionist personality, you may achieve a lot of fame, success, financial assets, however, the losses are incomparable.

Now we know that there is a fine line between ego and self-respect, we must learn how not to let our self-respect hurt while restraining ego. So, should I not take a stand for my ideas? Of course, you should and you must.

The only difference is, are you fighting with fact and figures and are you listening to others or you are just shouting and intimidating. You may feel like a king when people give up their ideas just to keep your ego unhurt.

However, you are not a winner here, you are actually a looser. If no one speaks when you speak or you don’t let others speak, means people are now not concerned about what you say; they have stopped caring and bothering a long before.

Do not blame others, if you are not a part of their discussion and rather a topic of their discussion. Your ego landed you there. However, still you can change it.

Set yourself from this negative attachment and ego will go. There will be no I-GO then and only We-GO.