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Law of Attraction - Manifest Anything You Want
Law of Attraction - Manifest Anything You Want

Law of Attraction – Manifest Anything You Want

Vishakha Rawal

Vishakha Rawal

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  1. Like attracts Like.
  2. The world is energy and so we are.
  3. You have everything in you to manifest your desires.

Has it occurred any time that you are thinking of something or say somebody you’re missing badly and the very moment you see a text message from that same person? or even a call!

Call it a mere coincidence, telepathy…whatever you want to name it, in reality, it’s you who have attracted this to your life. The world is all about energy, in fact, we are energy ourselves which makes us connected to each and everything else in the world. Law of attraction works on a simple theory – like attracts like.

You attract things in your life according to the nature of your thoughts. If you focus more on negative thoughts, you attract negativity and if you divert all your energy in thinking positive thoughts, then you attract positive things in life.

So how this works? What part of our body/muscle is responsible for giving us this miraculous power? Yes, it is our subconscious mind. Our mind can make us do anything! The reason why wise people promote meditation so much is because meditation helps us to improve the power of our subconscious mind.

We all have this ability to manifest things into our lives using our subconscious mind but only a few of us are aware of its true powers. If you look back to our historic stories hundreds and thousands of years back, you’ll read about people who knew magic and who could make things happen! Well, it was not magic tricks they knew, it was the power of their subconscious mind they were aware of.

However, in spite of the law of attraction being around us since the inception of the world, it gained much popularity after the launch of the book, “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. It is quite an interesting book with full of experiences by famous people who used the “Law of Attraction” to attract success in their lives.

According to Rhonda Byrne and the disciples of the law of attraction, the Universe or God, whatever you might want to call your almighty, always works in the best interest of us. The universe acts like a genie, just how you ask a genie for what you want, similarly, you have to ask the universe for what you desire and it will immediately start working on your wish.

So, in what all areas of your life you can use the law of attraction? My answer will be, all! Yes, you can use this theory in all areas of your life – career, health, relationship, just to name a few. There are three simple steps which you need to follow and they are:


Go back to your childhood days and think what you used to do when you really wanted to have a chocolate or a toy? You used to ask for it from your parents right? Similarly, when you want something really bad, you ask for it from the Universe. It can be in a form of a prayer, or just say that you really want this particular thing in your life. So here you go, “ASKING” was your first step and the easiest one.


If only humans knew to master this step, they would all be receiving what they wish for. As simple as it sounds, believing is the most crucial step which you really need to master at. It won’t come easily to you. After you have asked for something you really want, you have to believe that you’ll get it and just start working for it.

You can also feel that you’ve already received it, this will place you in a happy zone where you’ll attract more happiness.

After asking you really don’t have to worry/think about how God/Universe is going to bring things to you, you have to leave that work on them! After all, the Universe is your Genie!


This is the best step in the process ever. you should be ready with your open arms to receive anything you have asked for. You just have to trust the Universe that it will bring to you and surprise you!

The “Law of Attraction” concept is not new and without even knowing about it, we might have practiced it many times and have also got positive results.

I know, I have. As a kid, I used to always tell people that I’m going to the States for studying and will be living there. Guess what, it really happened and one day while I was sitting, this thing just clicked!

Hey, I was using “Law of Attraction” all the time and my subconscious mind made me take steps to reach my goals.

Do you have the same experiences with Law of Attraction? Share it in the below comment section.