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Kinda Sick of Things. I Need A Break From The Monotonousness
Kinda Sick of Things. I Need A Break From The Monotonousness

Kinda Sick of Things. I Need A Break From The Monotonousness

Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.


Always wanted to know, why people talk about having a break from the wheel of monotony. And, then the day came; the bright sunny day that changed my life.

Last Sunday, while dusting the store room I found an early 80’s suitcase. It was of my grandpa with his name on it; the soldier’s suitcase with a vintage lock on it. My grandpa was very strict with his suitcase; no one except him can access the suitcase. But, before his death, he handed me the key to the suitcase. “There is a very special gift in there for you,” he whispered. And, when I opened that I found nothing, but my old drawing books. A lot of drawings; sketches of sunrise, sunset and village’s morning. At the bottom, there was a letter for me, “I want you to tell that you need a break from the monotonousness.”

I have been missing the eye soothing experiences of sunrise and sunset from last twelve years. I still remember, how freely I used to live when I was not hauling the burden of social commitments. I was answerable to no one, but me, before marriage.

I used to call my uncles and aunts, I used to have fun with my cousins and friends, I used to go watch late night movies, I used to party a lot, I used to buy branded clothes, I used to enjoy weddings of my friends. But, since last twelve years, I am missing myself so much.

Now that I am a grown-up lady, everybody wants to teach me how society works. I have countless people around, keep telling me what should I wear, what I must not eat, where I must not go, and what kinda friends I should have.

I have lost myself. In my hardcore practice of keeping my surroundings positive, I intentionally sacrificed my own happiness; I butchered my peace of mind with my own hands. After slicing my liking, hobbies, and passions in equal pieces, I served those equally among my so-called social commitments.

Even at work, I have people who got no hands-on experience with the things I am dealing with, but they used to give me their useless suggestion about how I should do things. Their consistent interference; it was like pain-in-neck. Why do they keep proving me a useless personality? Why are people so full of negativity and criticism?

I never realized the truth. Behind my irritation, was not these people, but my own monotonous schedule. It was nothing to do with people. I need to upgrade my own internal hardware and software.

Yes! That is true. I seriously need a break; break from everything from my same brand of shower gel to same kinda hairstyle and dressing sense.

I need a change.

I need to explore myself. Now is the time to feel my roots again. Like my car, I probably need a service too. Like a change in engine oil, break oil, vacuuming, and detailing, to have a smooth run, I must change the monotonousness of my life.

Before this dullness kills me, I need to behead it and I need to regain the lost self of mine. I need to recharge myself with the missing dose of enthusiasm and life.

Dear friends, life is beautiful and you got only one life to live. It is up to you, how you want to live. You can enjoy it or you can offer it to others for their enjoyment.

Life is not only about making money and paying bills, it is about doing something you love to do at least for a smaller duration.

Go weird and see the beauty. We all need a small break from our work and other social obligations. Don’t die without rediscovering you.

People say, we all get to see a seven minutes’ flashback of our life before we die. Make sure you have a wonderful trailer and make sure you are playing a role there.