A Child Psychologist Views On Kids and Electronic Gadgets

A Child Psychologist On Kids and Electronic Gadgets
A Child Psychologist On Kids and Electronic Gadgets
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I still remember, when I was a kid, my mother used to shout at me, “stop playing inside, you are going to break something. Go outside and play with our buddies. And, I will call you once I will be done with the meal.” 

My child psychologist believes that kids and electronic gadgets are bad for children before the right age. However, nowadays, even parents want their kids to stick around their x-boxes, mobile phone, or play stations. Although 64% of the parents believe that the right age to buy their kid a mobile phone is after 14 years, still they are confused. Unintentionally, we are nurturing a socially isolated child.

This love for electronic gadgets is actually bad for children. It is adversely impacting the psychology of children only. Around every corner of the street, you can see kids under this age playing violent videos games and maintaining their social media profiles.

The question that disturbs most of the parents is – what is the right age of gifting your kid a mobile phone? It is an important decision. Do not rush things and wait until you feel comfortable with the decision of giving your kid an electronic gadget.

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According to a child psychologist, on an average, a child spends about 7:00 hours a day around the television, tablet, phone, and other similar gadgets. And, being a parent, instead of monitoring and even limiting the exposure to the media, we as parents encouraging this. We are proving that there are no bad children only bad parents.

Next, comes, the internet. The most unpleasant thing about using the internet is that you cannot preserve anonymity. Even if you have activated the strictest privacy settings, your social media accounts can expose you.

By mistake, should that data goes into the wrong hands, you can imagine how bad it could be for a child and child psychology. No denial, the technology helps us in connecting with other people. Social networks are a prime example of this. But, at the same time, once your kids get used to this form of communication, they will avoid all other social contexts.

Harasser like to hide behind the screens. Children are still exposed to malice in schools and playgrounds, and by giving them these electronic gadgets like a phone or tablet before the right age, you are opening one more dangerous route for the harassers. That is why I strongly believe that kids and electronic gadget before the right age, is bad for children.

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The phenomenon of cyber bullying is very common, unfortunately scary. Studies so far show that a good number of high school students have faced this at least once in their school life.

Children do not always understand the consequences of their actions, so they can make bad choices. Imagine, how it would feel to see your child in such a situation where it becomes a question of their dignity.

I am not against the idea of kids and electronic gadgets. I am only advocating the idea of giving these electronic gadgets are the right time.