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How Do I Keep My Kitchen Clean?

How Do I Keep My Kitchen Clean?
How Do I Keep My Kitchen Clean?
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  1. Play music while cleaning your kitchen, it makes it easier.
  2. Divide your chores so it doesn’t build up.
  3. A clean kitchen is a mark of a good homemaker.

Kitchens can be the most difficult places to keep clean because they are used frequently. They accumulate dirt faster and soon, it becomes a mess you don’t want to deal with. But your kitchen is where your meals are prepared and even if you are not concerned with aesthetics, you could get sick if your kitchen isn’t clean.

So how do we keep our kitchen spotless, without it having to be such a drag? Is there a miracle way of preventing dirt from piling up? Yes, there is, the secret is to divide your chores and play good music when cleaning so you don’t feel like you are working.

Immediate Chores

There are some chores that should be done daily like washing your dishes and cleaning the working surfaces of tables. When these are done daily, they prevent the accumulation of unnecessary stains and grime.

Don’t keep dishes in the sink for days as this causes an unbearable stench that discourages you from even touching them. Rather do dishes as soon as you can, especially when preparing meals. This means that when you are done cooking, you don’t have to wash so many plates.

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Other immediate tasks include; sweeping the floor, scrubbing off stains from pots, taking out the trash, clearing the drains of debris and wiping down counter tops.

Weekly Chores

These chores include:

  • Mopping floors.
  • Scrubbing gas counters or induction tops.
  • Cleaning the dishwasher and oven.
  • Unclogging drains and garbage disposal.
  • Wipe down walls around cooking area to prevent grease build-up.
  • Clean smoke vents.

It is best to do these chores during the weekend when you are free. It will take less time than postponing them for weeks after, because by then dirt build-up will cause them to take more time to clean.

Monthly Chores

These are chores that you have to do monthly else you may have no choice but to eventually discard the affected utensils or equipment.

For stainless steel pots and pans, they should be scrubbed monthly with coarse salts like bicarbonate soda or other staple stain removers. Every burnt, stained and rusted pots, pans, knives or cutlery should be cleaned and oiled.

For drains, you should open them up and unclog. If you don’t want to do this icky job, you can get acidic drain cleaners that dissolve debris when poured into them.

You should oil your cutting board, and other wooden utensils. Clean out cupboards, throw out all expired products and reline your cupboards. This prevents cockroaches and other unwanted insects from breeding in your cupboard.

You should also defrost and clean the refrigerator; wipe down the microwave and other kitchen equipment. It may be important to dismantle equipment, clean and then put it all together again. This helps unclog gears and vents, and improve their life span.

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Finally, remove cobwebs, sweep floors and mop. All trash cans, and recycle bins should be thoroughly cleaned.

When compartmentalized like this, it makes it easier to track what needs to be done and when it should be done. If you are a career person with limited time, you can instruct your help on these tactics to ensure that your kitchen remains neat.

A clean kitchen is a testament to how good a homemaker you are. Remember, your food comes from the kitchen so a clean kitchen equals a healthy lifestyle.

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