Karma – Is there anything by this name really exists?

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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.

In our life, we are forced to experience different things and the best part is – our wish barely matters. Be it a good or bad, happy or sad, rewarding or unrewarding, we all have to bow down. The question is – who decides this; God or Nature or Energies or any other invisible force? Many people say it is nothing, but a coincidence, while other says it is just a quirk of fate or mistake.

But, let me ask, what is the logic that makes a person born into a royal family and on the same day and time, another one in a completely different background? Ever thought about the mysteries behind why there are so many differences among people? Why there is so much of miseries and suffering for one and joys for others? Someone is working very hard from dusk to dawn and barely making his living, while others are just using “crab and scrap theories” and making millions. The secret is – Karma.

How People Treat You is Their KARMA. How You React is Yours. Wayne Dayer

Anyone who has learned what the law of karma (cause and effect) is all about – can grasp the relationship between their prosperity or poverty and of their past actions. For God (those who believe in God), we all are his children and a father cannot be partial with his children. There is no such camouflaged force that makes one person poor and the other one rich or one’s body full of medical problems and others healthy, and so on. It is not someone else who decides this, but it is we who work out our own fate. The sole principle of Karma depends upon on Reincarnation and to agree on ‘Karma’ theory, one must surrender himself to ‘reincarnation’ theory.

This is a subtle law of nature, the law of karma works in such a way that our destiny is in our hands. If now we are suffering because we were born with one leg, we can see this in two ways – first, we can say it’s our fault, it is all because of my bad karma in my previous life and on the other hand, we can blame that invisible force. But, as long as we do not understand that we existed before this body, we will keep blaming someone else than ourselves. And, if we don’t believe in ‘reincarnation theory,’ we won’t be able to find suitable reasons for our grieves and bad lucks – “Why is this happening? I did nothing.”

Undeniably, for many of you, this is ‘bullshit’ and you will consider it completely unfair; how can you be punished for a mistake that you have no idea about. You can say so because this is your petition if you do not accept the fact that you already existed and whatever we are experiencing now is only the result of your past actions. This means that everything you are now “reaping”, you “sowed” it earlier. The point is that you’ve done something you were not supposed to do and as you did, which is why you are paying. And, should you find yourself unable to digest the truth that you alone are responsible for your own destiny, you will be end-up blaming others. You must, therefore, consider the fact that your current situation is a result of your own actions; It is your fault and you yourself have made your life miserable.

Welcome to The Karma Cafe. There are NO menus. You will get served what your deserve. 

Now, next question that pops up in my mind is – what is “good karma” and “bad karma”? Well, Karma means action. Good karma – good deeds and bad karma – bad deeds; as simple as it is. Good karma gives you good karmic reactions, and bad karma will only result in bad aftereffects. For example, if you are doing charities, helping medically suffering people, teaching poor children, giving away food, and helping others in every possible way, it leads to “good karma”. After reincarnation, you will be awarded in the form of material enjoyment.

If as a person you are engaged in “bad karma” like causing troubles to other fellow-people, making people cry, usurping on others’ properties and material wealth – the bad karma will also return to that person. After the death, the same person will receive the body corresponding to its mentality and it is good and bad karmic reactions. It is all about Karma’s balance-sheet – if in your account “bad” karmic reactions are on the higher side, your new body will have to suffer the pain until the balance-sheet is sorted out.

You are free to make any decision you wish. But, you are not free from the consequences of that decision.

Good and bad karma refers to material pleasures and sufferings. All people experience some degree of pain and joys; sometimes will are happy while sometimes we all suffer. Some people experience the land of great pleasure, while others experience great suffering. It is not that a person will face suffering throughout his life because of his Karma. These karmic reactions are limited. As in a case of a person who is involved in positive activities and will be awarded a limited amount of goods. Please be advised, these perks will be only for a certain time – depending on how much good karma accumulated. The same applies to bad karma; nobody suffers eternally for his evil deeds.

Finally, do I want to say that the highest goal of life is striving for good karma, engaging in activities that lead to it? Yes. Although such actions are more favorable than the sinful action, however, they remain at the material level. It is up to the doer. You can do holier-than-thou actions with the intention of enjoying the fruits of good karma. Good karma has nothing to do with spirituality and thus, these activities are material. Even if someone receives good karma, the balance will end; It’s like a savings or deposit in the bank – balance will decrease. You also have to remember that as long as someone working on the material plane and remains in the material dimension by taking good or bad karma, he will suffer the pain of birth, disease, old age, and death.

It is best to rise above the material dimension – both over the good and bad karma.