Job Security Is The Biggest Motivator Than Money

Job security is the biggest motivator than money
Job security is the biggest motivator than money
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Job security is the biggest motivator than money! The topic is very much worth debating on! I have two friends, one works for the government and one is a graphic designer in a private company. My graphic designer friend takes up two jobs at a time, he has two sources of income.

This is not because he is not earning enough from one job, it’s because he doesn’t feel his job is secured and prefers working as a freelancer as well so that he always has a backup. My friend who works for government lives a chilled out life – going to work at 9 and coming back at 5. This leaves us with an intriguing question – is job security the biggest motivator than money?

My answer to this very question will be YES! There are many motivating factors associated with job security…I can shortlist the two best ones here:

You get to live fear-free life

Today economy is not stable, hence the jobs are also wobbling. Even the big companies in the country have to lay-off their employees during their cost cutting period. Where’s the security here? You don’t know what is going to happen with your career tomorrow? Every night you sleep with a fear of how tomorrow is going to serve you at work.

The fear is more prevalent amongst the people who have a family depending on them financially. One income serves so many purposes in a month – household costs, groceries, school tuition, and much more. Imagine even for a month you can’t bring home your salary just because you are being laid-off and looking out for a new job!

Scary right? Yes, money does play an important role in motivating an employee to perform his best but with job security, he can perform fearlessly with confidence. This can prove to be beneficial for both the employee and the employer. Securely growing with the growth of the company is the safest way to live life.

Even for people working with contract jobs suffer a lot, they always have to keep on looking out for a next project once the contract is over. For some, it can be a kind of adventure but the majority of them longs for a secured position.

You don’t have to rely on multiple sources of income

Like I mentioned earlier, my graphic designer friend has to rely on two sources of income. One is his full-time job and other is his freelancing work. Can you imagine how many hours he has to work in a day? 9 hours at his full-time job and about 5 hours he has to give to his freelancing work… you do the math now!

Hellooooo where’s your social life? Balancing work and personal life is an important aspect which just cannot be ignored. You can’t run after money all your life! You don’t want to wake up one day and realize that you have not lived at all just because you were busy thinking about different ways to bring in the money even after having a full-time job.

I’m not saying that money is not a motivating factor, but certainly its not the biggest motivator. If you ask any successful entrepreneurs around you, they will tell you that it was not a desire of making more money motivated them to build an empire but it was a desire to create a niche for themselves in the world that kept them going…

Taking risks in life is important but only when you have enough funds. Until then living life with a secured job is the perfect choice to opt for.