Do you think it is very difficult to live without sex?

Do you think it is very difficult to live without sex?
Do you think it is very difficult to live without sex?
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Many people say that sex is a necessity of life. But, according to experts, this is not so and if you feel that it is difficult to live without sex, then please read our article. Many experts say that sexual harmony between a couple plays a vital role in the marital life because its absence can badly affect their relationship. To what extent the aforementioned statement is right, we will try to explore it, through this article.

In such a situation two questions arise –

  1. What is the purpose of sex?
  2. Is it really difficult to live without sex?

But before we try to find out the answers to these questions, we will try to find out the real meaning and objective/purpose of having sex?

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Sex is also seen from two different perspectives. One sex that we do before marriage or after marriage, just for the sake of few minutes’ pleasures. The second type of sex is the sex that we do to get the legitimate intimacy.

The thing to look at this point is – the intimacy. There is a deep connection between intimacy and sex. In fact, it is the hidden purpose behind intimacy that makes sex legitimate. In other words, if legitimate intimacy is missing, sex with a spouse is nothing, but sex for pleasure.

What is the purpose of sex

Before you understand the purpose of sex, you should ask yourself a question whether you are fulfilling your legitimate need through sex or you are having it for the sake of taste-buds only i.e. for pleasure only?

I make this definition a bit easier. Suppose you are eating biscuits. In such a situation, ask yourself, “why are you eating those biscuits? Are you eating because you are hunger or just for taste?

According to experts, the right motive of sex is a reproduction and experiencing legitimate intimacy. Should you take out intimacy from it, then there remains no difference between sex and lust. In the absence of these two objectives, sex becomes nothing but a way of quenching your thirst. Again, it is like eating biscuits for the taste and not because you are hungry.

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But, in the present age, the media has given sex totally different meanings. They are busy feeding our minds with wrong sexual perceptions. Many couples often tell that their married life is suffering because of the sexual relationship they share as a couple. Some people even say that they do not enjoy having sex with their spouse because their partner is not good with sexual positions. Such things are really shocking.

Is it really difficult to live without sex or not?

It is true that sex plays an important role in a couple’s life and they cannot do without (legitimate) sex. But, at the same time, we all can do without illegitimate sex. To explain this, I would like to reproduce that biscuit example again.

Suppose you are very hungry. And, you know, in a while, you will be served with dinner and till then you can easily hold your hunger. Despite all this, you go for that pack of biscuit means external food.

Now ask yourself a question, “Are you good to go? Did you have a permanent solution to your hunger for that day? Most importantly; did you get the same nutrition from those  biscuits?”

I believe, your answer is going to be – NO.

That packet of a biscuit not only going to reduce the chance of eating something nutritious by a good proportion, but is going to damage your body in it’s own way.

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Where in easy words, your appetite has not been satisfied with the pack of biscuits, but it has been suppressed for a while. That pack of biscuit failed in fulfilling your main objective. You just had that the sake of taste.

According to me, if you are listening to the taste of your mouth and showing no special concerns for health, then you are the most idiotic person on this planet.

This is exactly how sex is.

I hope we all know that things we eat for taste actually harm our body. In the same way, the sex we have for entertainment and without two main objectives (legitimate intimacy and reproduction), is going to harm your social status.

Do you have a question? Talk to an expert.

For a healthy and happy married life, you must learn to differentiate between sex as a need and desire. Once you learn to distinguish between these two, then it will become easy for you to understand the difference between legitimate and illegitimate intimacy.

Keep in mind, once your love for junk food grows, you must not wait for buying a health insurance. And once your love for having sex without two main objectives grow, you must start looking for a divorce lawyer.