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Is It Love or Obsession – The Difference Between Love and Obsession
Is It Love or Obsession – The Difference Between Love and Obsession

Is It Love or Obsession – The Difference Between Love and Obsession

Obsession - When being in love means being in control.

Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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  1. Love means giving, and not expecting.
  2. Revenge is a by-product of obsession.
  3. Love is loyalty, devotion, and

Unhealthy attachment with someone results in loss of emotional control.  And, loss of self-control leads to obsession. 

Everyone wants to know, whether it is love or obsession. Well, love is a feeling from the heart, and obsession can be termed as a crazy feeling. Being fond of someone is totally different from being in love with someone. Love is the best feeling in the world that can make you fly or makes you float a few centimeters above the ground. This one feeling can fill your days with broad smiles of accomplishment.

Obsession is dangerous and generally is a result of a wounded ego. A wounded ego is hollow and is only concerned about fulfilling self-centered needs through sex, attention, approval. To live in an obsessive feeling, it feels like experiencing a kind of euphoria similar to the drug. There is an ardent sexual desire and impatience to be with that person.

So, how to differentiate between love and obsession?

You Act Like An Adult Lover And Not Like Someone With Wounded Ego

The feeling of being in love comes from a very safe place, out of the interior and shares a great connection with yourself. In love, you have complete control over your emotions and you want to own responsibility for your own feelings without surrendering.

“You actually cannot really love anyone, if you are not accepting yourself.” Loving oneself leads to zeal and the sense of need and security. But, if your sense of security depends on the other person, then you’re in obsession and not love.

Complete Devotion And Not Casual 

Being in love means to value fully and be in touch with the other person. It is about attaching with someone hardheartedly and not halfheartedly; it has to be more than casual talk. So, if it is not about getting in touch with the true essence, then you are in obsession.

You Are Not Much Concerned About Physical Attraction 

The chemistry of sexual attraction is something very mysterious. Once you are not very concerned about the physical attraction, you are in love. You love to be around. Making love with your lover is not about satisfying physical experience. It is about satisfying your emotional and spiritual experience.

You Love To Give Things 

You have made its way into your soul because your lover matters to you. Her happiness is important to you. Rather than feeling offended when your partner needs something, you enjoy that you can offer them support in countless ways. If you are empathetic and compassionate toward the person, without any distraction, you are in love, for sure.

You Sort Conflict And Not Skip

More than to see conflict as something to be avoided, see the conflict as an opportunity to learn and grow together. Every time you as a couple pass through a tough time, how do you guys react? Do you feel like running from the scene or sorting things out for a strong relationship? Is it about sorting the conflict or about proving oneself as right and win? If you answer is in favor of sorting things out, you are in love. You do not want to give up the relationship.

You Never Think of Someone Else

Because you are in a very deep spiritual connection, do not feel the need to ask yourself, know that although many wonderful people can be, this is the person with whom you want to be. This is the person with whom you want to be in the journey of love towards you and towards the levels, it’s getting deeper.

When you are in love, you like to play together. Good mood is between you. Appreciate the sense of humor. You know you are allowed to make mistakes, without losing attention and love of your partner. You feel safe to share your deepest fears. Love is an amazing thing.

If you think you have found someone who proved you why it never worked with someone else; you are in love.