How Safe Calendar Method Is When Having Sex

How Safe Calendar Method Is When Having Sex
How Safe Calendar Method Is When Having Sex
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We have often been asked this question by many of our female readers; how safe calendar method is when having sex. If you are looking for an answer to this question, please read this article.

I am expecting that you do have at least basic knowledge of calendar method. Actually, the calendar method helps you to predict your most anticipate fertile days. The calculation is based on your the tracking of your menstrual cycles‘ duration over several months. But when you want to use the calendar method as a way of protecting yourself from any unexpected pregnancy, you surely need to choose another method. Here is what I learned about how safe calendar method is, from the specialists.

Recently, we spoke to a sex specialist and according to him, to avoid unplanned pregnancies, giving up condoms or other contraceptive methods and relying completely on calendar method, is not a wise thing to do. The specialist told us that only 30% of women are fertile between the 10th and 17th day of menstruation. Mostly, women are blank about their fertile period. Hence, the calendar method does not help them a lot.

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I had discussions about this idea with other area experts. There were mixed opinions. According to a few expert, there are certain days, when ladies area more fertile. Whereas, many others believe that a lady can get pregnant anytime, regardless of the menstrual period.

The other day, I was reading a survey conducted by some specialists using a sample of 213 women aged 25 to 35. The reason for choosing these age thresholds was – the best possible interval of a woman’s life in which she is the most fertile and regular with menstruation.

The study was conducted on for months and more than 500 mensuration were monitored. At the end of the research, it was concluded by the experts that even in those women who have regular menstrual periods, predicting the exact date at which ovulation starts, is impossible.

In addition to menstruation cycle, the experts also analyzed the urine of the participants to detect the fluctuations of progesterone and estrogen. The purpose of doing so was figuring out the ovulation period’s starting. But, experts realized that women can be fertile on the first day of the menstrual cycle.

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Many people raised questions like – who knows if the participating women were suffering from menstrual disorders. But, according to specialists, none of them were having such trouble. After conducting the research, specialists confirmed that they failed at making an exact algorithm to identify the fertile period of each woman.

The specialists concluded that calendar method is not safe when it comes to avoiding unplanned pregnancy or the identification of fertile periods. This idea of finding out fertile days is wrongly promoted. I have seen many teenagers, who instead of using male condom or female condoms, follow this calendar method.

The experts mentioned that sometimes the body is unpredictable and thus impossible to predict accurately. One thing less known is that the woman is not fertile only when she is ovulating. An egg remains fertile in the fallopian tubes 24 hours after ovulation.

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In addition, sperm can withstand the vagina between three and five days. For this reason, there is the risk of pregnancy even when unprotected sexual contact occurs during menstruation. Overall, on average, in over 25% of cases, the calendar method fails,

Try to avoid the calendar method if you do not want to have surprises for which you are not ready for the moment.