IQ is not everything Every Child is Intelligent in its own way!

IQ is not everything - Every Child is Intelligent in its own way!
IQ is not everything - Every Child is Intelligent in its own way!
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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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  1. Intelligence has its own types.
  2. Gifted children do not always excel in school
  3. Gifted children can and do have learning disabilities

Are you worried about your kid’s low IQ? Do you know, on the basis of below or above-average IQ, you should not label your kid as a silly kid or genius.

IQ tests or the like (such as SAT) measure only a certain kind of intelligence: logic and math or verbal (linguistic). Other tests measure the level of general education, which in no way be confused with intelligence. Intelligence refers to certain innate skills and can be of various types.

Many have probably heard about emotional intelligence, which is at least as important as the logic to handle yourself in life). Before I can talk about various types of intelligence, let me strongly tell you – IQ is not everything.

Interpersonal Intelligence

Children with this sort of intelligence are those who are sensitive to the feelings and needs of others, which it is easy to understand others who feel empathy.

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They almost intuitively understand people and the relationships between them. They are good counselors and can resolve conflicts. They are loved among people.

Intrapersonal Intelligence

Those who “know themselves,” and are blessed with a capacity for self-analysis; often they appear lonely, not retired, but they need time for themselves to reflect, to understand their own emotions and manage them to determine plans taking into account the strengths and weaknesses.

Kinesthetic Intelligence

Kinesthetic refers to the ability to use the body to express oneself and solve problems at an ideal coordination between mind and physicality. Those who can control their body and know how to use it for their benefit.

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These kinds of kids are good at developing the sense of touch and at expressing their emotions through facial expressions and gestures. They can be good performers, actors, or athletes.

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

This is the somewhat related to the ability to think rationally in order to find a logical solution to a problem. Kids who are blessed with this sort of intelligence are good at working abstract thinking and they know how to develop cause and effect relationship between things. These kinds of kids can be a good mathematicians or programmers.

Spatial Intelligence

Those who not only have good coordination in space, finding its way even in unfamiliar places, but the visual memory of objects around, so to reconstruct easily a map, a landscape in mind. I am talking about seafarers, cartographers, and also a painter.

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Maybe your kid is blessed with blessed with this ability; an ability to visualize things with the mind’s eye. These kind of people are good at reconstructing imagination after seeing them for once.

Linguistic Intelligence

People who are good at expressing either orally or in writing. These kind do people are blessed with a special talent to find the right words to convey ideas. The best part is – their work is understood by anyone. Think about million of orators, and writers.

Musical intelligence

Those who can “feel the music,” even in the absence of some required notes. You can teach your kid to play guitar, but you cannot teach him to compose a melody if he is not blessed with this sort of intelligence. It really fascinates me, how come composers think of tunes.

Naturalistic Intelligence

Don’t panic if your kid has failed the IQ test. Who knows maybe he is in love with nature. I have seen many botanists who does not see things as explained in traditional terms, but see nature as a whole. Explorers and researchers are the people in this category. They don’t think the traditional way, but their own way. This is how they create history.

Instead of compelling your child for spending more time around books and on study table, you as parents should try to explore your kid’s intelligence. Once you know what type of intelligence your kid is blessed with, you must do everything you can to develop it.

Should you not support your kid here, you will be the only person behind his unexplored potential. For your kid, the journey of success becomes a little smoother once you help him developing his potential.

Do keep in mind that the school system has nothing to do with your kid’s talent. It is your responsibility as a parent.