India and Pakistan Can Never Be Friends

India and Pakistan - Can We Ever Be Friends?
India and Pakistan - Can We Ever Be Friends?
Photo Credit: / / Imposing Indian soldier with bushy mustache in dress uniform. Wagah Boarder, Punjab India. 21 April 2007.

Sukhdeep Singh

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  1. Declare Pakistan a terrorist state
  2. Ban Pakistani Singers and Actors
  3. Strict actions against Pakistan

Do Indians really hate Pakistanis, is a million dollars’ question? Since 1947, these two countries are arguing over one single issue – Kashmir.

Despite, three wars (1965, 1971, and 1999) and many ferocious trespassing attempts from Pakistan, India always tried to make things better between these two countries. I sometimes wonder that whenever things seem like improving, something comes up; something that disturbs everyone.

To the date, not many of us know the real reason behind India-Pakistan partition? I can bet, only a few know why Mohd. Ali Jinnah left congress party and why he demanded a separate state for Muslims – Pakistan? I can guarantee, most of the people from both ends, know nothing about the Kashmir issue as well.

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Since last 67+ years, we have lost a huge amount of civilians and army men. I have heard people saying that there is not hatred between Indians and Pakistanis people. This group of so-called border security experts says that main reason behind the tension among civilians is political stunts. It is political parties who are not in favor of India-Pakistan collaboration. But, at the ground level, Indians and Pakistanis love each other. What a joke!

Those who say that Indians and Pakistanis civilians share the healthy relationship, I would like to ask them – have you lost anyone in these aforesaid wars against Pakistan? Do you know how hard is to shoulder the bier of your beloved? Ask the family members of Lance Naik Hemraj and Lance Naik Sudhakar Singh, who were not only killed, but their bodies were found mutilated.

Ask those who have lost their earning man Santosh Kumar (21) in Parliament attack; how it feels like when people say Indians and Pakistanis are friends. How can you forget ‘Black Friday – The Bombay Blasts?

There are enough evidence available on the internet, how Pakistan textbooks are representing the wrong picture of India. After reading the statements given, I was in deep shock.

How openly hatred about India is promoted. Can you imagine, a fifth class textbook of Pakistan school says, “India was part of Pakistan?” Another textbook (class 3) says Jinnah felt that Hindus wanted to make Muslims their slaves and he left congress.

There are many other textbooks openly praising Jihad and Shahadat. Do you think, Pakistanis are going to love Indians, when right from the initial years of schooling, a student knows who his enemy is? Their students are being taught that Indian Hindus are nothing, but cons.

Pakistani educationist Tariq Rahman said that Pakistan needs strong and aggressive policies against India.

How the hell on this earth we are expecting them to be our friends, when there schooling is all about hating us?

I feel really sorry when people say that there is nothing bad in hiring Pakistani (nationality) Actors, singers, and others. I would like to ask, why would a single dime go in their pockets, when we know (Pakistani Government) is going to use the same money against our own county people.

Do we really need any prove that these terrorists are funded (through taxes) by Pakistani Government with the same money that we pay those Pakistani artists? Let me ask you, would you dare to invite the enemy to dance, when you know he is the real culprit?

Should We Welcome Pakistani Nationals to India?


Those who support these singers and actors, please help me understand, do we lack talent? Every second day, there is a singing talent show, dance shows, dare shows, and so much more talent hunt competitions. Why our producers and directors are not giving breaks to our own kids, and, why do they prefer hiring someone who is only after your money?

To an extent, we, the people of India are also responsible. When we support these Pakistani (nationality) actors, we encourage people to hire them and ignore country’s talent. Stop supporting these Pakistani (nationalities) actors and singers. Once you do this, directors won’t be hiring them anymore. Why should we allow Pakistani nationals to work?

The whole world is trying to declare Pakistan as a terrorist state; petitions and bills are already in the discussions. But, I don’t understand why a few of our people still want no strict action against.

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We must not forget that ghosts of kicks, do not understand words. Now is the time to kick them hard. How long we want our soldiers to die? Instead, talking and showing love to Pakistan, now we need to completely ban Pakistani National entrance (legally or illegally) in our country.

Dear policymakers, please do not think that solutions like ‘not playing cricket with them’ or ‘making some dam on the rivers’ are going to sort this issue. The whole World must unite on this and we need to destroy the states supporting terrorism in every possible manner.

Make them deprive of all financial and economic supports, cancel visas of all Pakistani nationals who are staying in our country, withdraw all supports, no more trade connections, and seal our borders. No use of feeding a snake with milk.

I am sorry, but there is no use of shaking hands with someone who is hiding a poisonous pin in his palm and deadly intentions of harming you.