Improved buttocks Why women are crazy about butt enhancements?

Improved buttocks - Why women are crazy about butt enhancements?
Improved buttocks - Why women are crazy about butt enhancements?
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Gone are those days, when standards of beauty were dominated by thin looks. Now the trends have been changing in favor of more curvy and healthy body shapes.

In many countries, women are now crazy about butt enhancements. In case you don’t know what I am talking about, it is a cosmetic treatment to enhance and reshape your gluteal area and the sole aim is to have an uplifted and shapelier butt profile. In simpler terms, buttock implants are very similar to breast implants, but the only difference is instead breast, in this surgery, it is butts. Regardless of the cost, ladies are so much crazy about this cosmetic treatment.

The reason behind the madness for butt enhancements are no secret now. There are 2 main reasons – to look more attractive than the others and to look more attractive to men. There are women who opt for this treatment because they think the size of their butts is not suiting their body frame and reshaping will only give them a balanced look. I have seen many females showing their interest in this treatment who either has a flat or square butt and wants to have a few curves in the areas. No doubt, this rework is going to give them a youthful appearance. In addition, sagging of butts due to aging or weight loss also give enough reasons for this treatment. Women do not want to have flat or loose butts because they make them look fat and look like a stigma on your figure. Imagine wearing a swimsuit or bikini suit and having lost buttocks; it is sure going to be embarrassing.

Furthermore, our media plays an important role here. According to the image of a beautiful woman created by the media and society, a woman must have a big butt and curves. Women with flat bodies are now not considered attractive as bootylicious girls. As per the experts, even men found a woman with big hips sexually more attractive. The only reason behind men falling for women with big hips is that wide hips traditionally are considered a sign of fertility. Since men have a natural instinct to reproduce, they are naturally attracted to heavier women. As elsewhere, many men prefer curvy women because they enjoy the soft cushion like feeling while having sex. Thus, in order to attract the attention of men and representing them as women they love, women are now working hard to get a bigger butt.

There are various methods by which women can improve the shape of their buttocks and sexually more attractive to men. Some of the commonly used methods of butt enhancements include weight exercises such as squats, lunges and leg presses. Practice these 2 or 3 times a week to earn a toned butt quickly. Also, cardio workout sessions, Pilates, aerobics, kickboxing , jogging or brisk walking on the treadmill can get you bigger buttocks. Besides, many women opt for the implant butt surgery, in which surgeons insert artificial implants in the butts. This method is expensive and involve many risk of surgery.

Nowadays, there are buttock enhancement creams available. Many women who want to avoid surgery, they use butt enhancement creams to achieve improved and firm buttocks. Buttocks lifting gel can offer the extra help to women in getting firmer butts, larger hips and sexier figure. Made of all natural ingredients, these sorts of buttock gels help increase circulation. In addition, it gives you a smooth and tight skin and also reduces cellulite. Women who do not like the look of dimples find it very effective gel as it helps to tone the skin of their buttocks and make them feel good about their body.

No wonder, butt enhancements has a lot to offer. In order to obtain a model-like fuller body, women go in improving the treatment of the buttocks. No wonder, benefits of building butts are countless as it makes a woman appears more sexually attractive. Women with lifted, sculpted or augmented buttocks have esthetic body proportion and when they wear the certain types of dresses that are made for women with bigger butts, they look awesome. However, after having treatment if proper cautions are not taken, everything may go wrong. Exercising too much, using cheap quality creams or surgery performed by someone less experienced can be disastrous. There are cases where implants are found to be slipped postoperatively from their original place can cause asymmetry.

There are some medical histories of people who complained swelling even after the said duration. There are two main options for this augmentation – autologous fat transfer (Brazilian butt lift) and buttock implant surgery. It is your surgeon who can recommend the best possible way out. Before going for this surgery, you need to quit smoking at least 6 weeks before. This is important for better healing. You should avoid taking anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal medicines (if you are on prescription) because these medicines can cause increased bleeding. For the first two weeks recovery period after butt enhancements could be painful especially buttock areas, when you walk, run or stand. After two weeks and until the eighth week, avoid putting any direct pressure and keep following the surgeon advise. Do not go for cloth shopping at least for 3 months. Before you restart your work, it is better to seek advice from your surgeon.

You will be seeing the results sometime after three to six months because final results of your buttock augmentation will appear only after swelling is gone.