Impatience The ‘Want-It-Now’ Society

Impatience - The 'Want-It-Now' Society
Impatience - The 'Want-It-Now' Society
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“I want it and let me tell you, I want it right now.”

Impatience is everywhere. Faster broadband, faster cars, faster computers, faster mobile phones, faster online bookings, faster farming, faster medical treatments, faster games, faster relationships, faster breakups, faster crimes, faster something; ain’t we are becoming a ‘want it now society’? This growing impatient among us is brutally killing our old-fashioned patience. We hate to wait. Sometimes I wonder, how come my grandparents, forefathers manage to spend weeks with their relatives, despite a heck-busy schedule with not a minute’s break or day off? I don’t feel like telling you that there is a direction connection between impatience and depression and this depression is fathering an unhealthy society. Well, before it’s too late, better we ask ourselves – “Are we not paying the price of development?” 

People of my generation always complaint about a shortage of time. But, I feel this excuse very strange. Although we are now surrounded by millions of machines to make our work easy and on top of that these machines ask for the least input from us, yet we are busy; busy doing nothing. Impatience is everywhere nowadays. I have seen people on the road, honking for no good reason; I mean, I know the light is green and I don’t like seeing the green signal much. But, for God’s sake, my car don’t have a flying gear and I can only move the car next to me proceeds. While at traffic lights you should watch out for the bikers and their ‘snake-style’ driving. Oh, my my! Seems like some sort of movie shooting is going on. How difficult is it for them to wait for a minute a have a break?

On another day, I visited a hospital. Trust me, it was 7 A.M in the morning; there was a huge line of people waiting for their turn and can you imagine, there was still a wait of two hours as booking counter was supposed to open at 9 A.M. Every single person was so eager about switching lines and everyone was carrying a head full of anger. There was no respect for anyone’s emergency, senior citizens; it made me feel like there is no humanity left on this planet, not at least at that booking counter. Not only medical institutions, but I saw the same restlessness at worship places as well. A place, where people were supposed to give up their egos before entering, I saw the highest examples of ego and botheration at such places. Preachers are agitated about disciples’ ‘want-it-now’ attitude, and visitors have complaints about management policies. No one wants to take the route that is mutually beneficial for everyone.

“We became friends through Facebook. We shared pictures on Instagram. We had heated arguments on WhatsApp. We broke up at Twitter.”

Same is the case with relationships these days. Be it a forming a relationship or breaking up, it is now quicker than expected. “Love at first sight and divorce at first fight.” We got no time to catch things. We neither want to understand nor expect someone else to tell us something. Relationships these days are sharing a close resemblance with the one-sided game; it is me on the right side and it you on the wrong side. Unlike last few decades, our demands are becoming endless now. The best examples of impatience in a relationship are – we now need to hide the “last seen” status from our social media chat applications. In other words, if you are not sending me a reply within a few minutes my message, I will consider it as an insult, hence, no more relation. No denial, we all know that haste makes waste, yet we don’t want to refrain ourselves from these sorts of immature behavior of ours.

Now, the question arises – why we are so impatient? The answer to this question is very simple. “When things don’t happen the way we want them to or when we are angry with ourselves for any (self-created) reason. We are angry because of our dirty emotions like insecurities, in-built competitiveness, selfishness, jealousy, negative approach towards things and envy. I dare you, prove me wrong if you can – people who have hundreds of friends online, in reality, they are the most lonely people on this planet; not even a single person whom they can trust to the fullest. Let it be professional or personal life areas, these insecurities make us behave like impatient souls. We need to understand that patience is not for those who are always in a hurry, angry, selfish mode and always entitled to theirs.

According to expert, another reason behind our impatience is – procrastination and laziness. We love to postpone things until last moment and once we reach the threshold, expecting an explosion is nothing strange. I have seen people complaining about income tax filing system at the last moment. I have seen impatient students struggling with their textbooks in front of the examination hall until the last call for their exam. “It is now or never,” they say. I start at last moment and then I yell at others; my impatience of getting things done at last moment introduce me with a few more impatient people out there. In short, I become impatient when I realize that my goal is going to cost me more than my ideas.

Some say it’s past experiences that could be responsible for a person’s transformation from being a patient to impatient. The quote that goes like, “the fruit of patience is sweet,” is now replaced with , “delays means denials.” A person becomes impatient if he had some very bad experience with his patients. Moreover, people now believe that in this iPhone age, patience is not the key because you are either racing or chasing; the early bird catches the worm. This race of catching the early worms keep the bird busy.

Another cause behind our impatience is – technological advancement. In a world, where emails are sent with a blink, people are crossing seas within a few hours, the meal is cooked in 30 minutes when we are asked to wait for something, we get angry. These advancements are exceeding our expectation and no wonder, nowadays we all want computers that never froze, paint that dries even before someone can touch it, cars that drive of its own, tablets for essential nutrients as a substitute to food (we don’t want to cook food anymore) and so on. We are living in a bubble that these toys are giving us happiness by making our lives easy, but the reality is completely different.

Also, not everyone is impatient at the same degree. There could be people who are occasionally impatient, there could be a few who are always impatient, while there could be a few who are mixed; patient to the highest degree and impatient to the same degree, depending upon the situations. Before giving any sermon on patience, I would like to say even impatience can serve us better, but the secret lies somewhere in the degrees of impatience. It is not that impatience is bad at all. If we are not impatient, we might never reach our goal. This impatience forces us to find the best possible (easiest and economical) ways of doing things, hence save a lot of time and money. If you are not impatient, you probably will not look for other options and shortcuts that can land you at the finish line before you die.

What is the fun of reaching a peak, if you have no time left for partying!