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I want to be happy. But, I don’t know how?

I want to be happy. But, I don't know how?
I want to be happy. But, I don't know how?
Photo Credit: Sunil. K

Sukhdeep Singh

Write Something To Right Something

Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.

Yes, I want to be happy. I do have a right to be happy. Why do all the time I listen to sad music and why do all the time I talk about those past mistakes?

Am I not stretching my sad stories to the largest possible? Am I not becoming a champion of sympathy card game? You have a beautiful family, you have a job that you want, but still, can you say that you’re happy?

Something has surely changed,
I don’t know, it is time or me??
But, I am sure there is something…
I know, I surely do.
There are some reasons behind people’s ignorance for me!
Yet, I am honoring those relationships,
For whom I am a bad dream
Who are no longer concerned about my pain
About the tears rolling down from my eyes.
And, they did make me expert in hiding those salty water drops
That, now I can even hide them behind my eyelids.

But, for how long, one can hold the unstoppable train of his emotions. There is going to be one day when the dam is going to damage and it is going to flood everything.

Because no science can control volcano and tsunami and there is no definite prediction either about these life-eating ogres. Before the blast, it is better to find the ways out; ways to be happy and stay happy. The only thing is you need to know is – how?

Be Aware of The Value of Our People

Most of the time we are sad because we fail to value people in our life. Sad, but we quantify the value of a person depending on how many friends he has, what profession he is in, how much he is earning, and how well he is doing in his personal life. But, these are wrong parameters.

Give me an ear when I say that each of us is already playing many roles in life like a child, parent, brother, sister, friend, husband or wife and the list goes on.

And, according to their roles, they have their own priority lists. He is now married and there is a shift in his priorities now.

Stop expecting him to behave like he used to when he was of eleven. Wrong expectation leads to wrong values about someone and eventually those wrong judgments become a reason for our sadness.

Concern For The Future

I am dying in the worries of future. I know, I cannot do anything about what had happened to me and what will happen to me. But, still, I am concerned about future. Perhaps, this is the reason that I don’t miss the horoscope section of the newspaper.

Do I really need to think about what is going to happen tomorrow? Instead, working hard at present and making my success sure, I am visiting crystal ball readers to have useless tips about my future.

Isn’t it funny? Do not get me wrong, but trust me, you can enjoy the sadness to the fullest, should you keep thinking about these questions.

By doing this, you are already poisoning your happiness and ensuring a good dose of stress. The best thing would be to relax and live the present moment.

Do Not Make Comparisons!

Stop comparing yourself with others because you don’t know how and why they are there. Do you? Honestly speaking, we are so preoccupied with our filthy ideas about our relatives’ success. “He might be doing something illegal.

He got some backup. He is blessed. He is a criminal. He has no moral values. He killed his conscience a long ago.” You need to stop it. Why do you want to compare yourself to someone?

Do I need to tell you that when you compare yourself with others, you are already devaluing yourself? Making comparisons solve nothing and ruin everything! And, the biggest thing ruined is – inner peace.


Try to show some gratitude. Gratitude for what you have or what you had. Maybe you don’t know, if I talk about India only, more than 20 crore people are going to sleep without food today.

You should be thankful to the lovable almighty that you are not one of them. According to a research, nearly 6.3 million kids died before reaching the age of five. Luckily, you are not one of them either.

More than 100 million people are homeless in the world. And, if you are not one of them, you really owe a thank you to someone. It could be your father, grandfather, great-grandfather, or your mother.

Be grateful for what you have and then you will be able to understand that happiness can sit in the little things.

Do What You Feel

Many people live their lives on the will of others, which makes them unhappy. This further leads to lifetime regrets when they reach their old age.

The questions like they were able to do something for themselves, they could have a better life, they deserved a better ending and so on, keep them busy.

You don’t want to be a sad soul, do you? So, this is the time for an action show some courage and follow your instinct because the only way you’ll achieve happiness!


You were born because of your father’s sperm and your mother’s womb. The name people call you with is given to you by someone else. The food you are eating, you owe that to your income source.

The house you are building now is going to be used by someone else when you or your son or grandson will die. A father/priest whom you had never met before is going to say your last prayers. You got nothing of your own.

Then what are you so proud of. Stop being an idiot and try to live in acceptance, not denial. Try to accept certain things that you think are actually responsible for the tension between you and your loved ones.

Give up the pride. You need to learn that pride is one of the obstacles that we have to leave behind.

Comfort Zone

Should you want to have something that you never had, you then have to do something that you never did. Want more from life, you need to get our your comfort zone.

There is no middle ground and no short-cut! We all have to make sacrifices sometimes and by doing so, we can change our life for the better.

Hatred and Frustrations

There is no person who has not been hurt by someone at some point in life. In many cases, we start to hate the person because of whom we had the frustrations that were tough to beat.

Although you may not realize or do not want to admit, but giving up your hate is definitely going to alter your mood. Learn to forgive and you will be happy!

In addition to all these, you must learn how to plan things. Learn from the mistakes you made! Do not repeat past actions as they are not going to bring you any satisfaction anytime.

Always trying to find new solutions to solve a problem. When you say “I want to be happy!” , You should take into consideration all factors contributing to this acquisition mood.

Do not get overwhelmed by fear and do everything you can to get what you want!

I just want to smile again. I want to laugh again like I used to. I know I was happy once. I just want to be happy again.