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Finally! I Sold Myself For Money

- Based on a true story -

Finally! I Sold Myself For Money
Finally! I Sold Myself For Money
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Those who say prostitution is an easy way of making money, let me tell you, in my case, arriving at a decision of sleeping with someone for money was not an easy one.

Life is a bitch, they say. And when things are not going right, going left is the only option that most of us would love to stick with. Ever noticed, whenever we feel like we are in the seventh sky, an invisible hand gives us a tight slap; back to the pavilion. I had a turbulent ride as well, and when the Boeing of my thoughts landed, I was on the bed of a complete stranger. Finally, I sold myself for my money.

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June 2008, it was. Like any other girl, I was very happy about my marriage. It was a contract marriage, though. I made a compromise to save my house. After losing my father to death and brother to drugs, to pay the debts of the bank, I was asked to choose between two options – marrying someone and taking him to Australia as a spouse on a student visa (as he was illiterate, but got a lot of money) or marrying a person with two kids, who lost his wife a year ago. I voted for options first, marrying and going to Australia.

I was happy because I was seeing a better future ahead. At least, after getting married, I would be going to Australia with my husband. I was so thankful to my husband for sorting my worries. A few weeks before the marriage, I got to know that my would-be husband was a drug addict too. But, I overlooked it because in my eyes I was still enjoying the high-definition videos of Australia.

Well, the day came and after getting married, my husband and I boarded for Australia. Although I was in the seventh sky for real, at the same time, I was missing my home and especially my mother’s. It was not easy for me to leave her alone. I was concerned about her health.

With all these mixed feelings, we landed at Tullamarine airport. My husband’s brother-in-law was on arrival and after clearing customs, we both were escorted by him to his house, where my husband’s sister was waiting for us.

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I was looking at the sky-scrappers. For the first time, I noticed that my husband was not sitting closer to me. I thought he might be enjoying the views. After crossing many highways and freeways, we reached our destination – Noble Park (suburb name). There was no special welcome for us.

“Let’s talk in the morning.” The first few words that came out of my sister-in-law’s mouth. After having dinner, we all moved to our rooms.

After having such rude hospitality, I was already missing my mother. I wanted to talk to her. I asked my husband if he could manage. “Are you nuts? It’s late. Let us not disturb them as they had to go to work. I will get you something tomorrow morning.” With a heavy heart, I tried to sleep.

Day one in Australia and I was already crying. I tried a lot to hold my tears, but all went in vain. My side of the pillow was wet. For the first time in my life, I felt like I made the wrong choice of marrying this guy, sleeping next to me.

The next morning, when I woke up, there was no one in the room. It was 11 in the morning. I rushed towards the drawing room. Everybody was waiting for me, except for my husband.

“Get ready! We have already booked a cab for you. You are going to your new place. You cannot stay here with us.” My sister-in-law’s second few words.

I was in a complete state of shock.

Alright! Let’s wait for my husband to arrive back. I said.

On this, my sister-in-law told me that, “he is not going to accompany you because he has moved to another state.” As per the contract, you can come here in 20 days, when your semester fee will be due. Until then, goodbye and stay safe. The best we can do for you is – arranging a place to stay. They refused to give me a phone number.

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I was never told about any such condition. However, unwillingly, I left that house.
The house I moved into was a complete mess. The girls I was asked to live with, they were all selling their bodies for money. Disgusting. But, none of my business.

After 20 days, when I contacted my in-laws for fees, I had another slap. “We have not heard anything from your husband and he has not deposited anything so far.” So, you need to arrange your fee yourself. Also, please do not bother calling here again and again because we are going to New Zealand for two months.

How am I supposed to raise 4500 AUD? I had no money with me. On the same day, my roommates asked for the rent and for my share of groceries (that I had for one day); 650AUD. All I had was AUD 200. Despite paying for them, they threw my luggage out. I was on the road.

11 PM it was and daddy’s angel was sitting at a railway station; hungry, homeless, hopeless, and depressed.

I gathered myself and placed a call on my mother. Before I could explain to her my pain, my mother told me that the police had arrested my brother and demanding ₹15000 (300 AUD). Bank guys have already served a notice of auctioning house, in case we missed another installment of ₹18000(AUD 350). After hearing my mother crying, I chewed my words and I buried my pain.

Let me see mom, what I can do.

One night, I was under a huge debt. However, AUD 1500 was an urgent requirement for me. There was no one in the country whom I could ask to lend me some money. Then, I pulled my phone out and posted a message on a website, “Loan needed – 1500 AUD. Immediately.”

The first ever reply I got was – “what can you offer for this amount of money?”
I had a huge brainstorm. On one side, it was a question of my dignity, respect, self-esteem, and on the other side, the echo of my mother’s crying and my brother’s screams were tearing my ears. I was on a divider – one way leads to every happiness, but no self-respect and another was heading to self-respect, but the death of my mother, brother, and auction of my own house.

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What is the use of protecting my dignity, if I had to sacrifice everything else for that? I may be able to go back, but then, I may have to bear another series of pain. At least, here I can make more money and pay my debts. Moreover, who knows what am I doing here, except me.

After a long pause, I wrote an answer, “3 Hours.” Finally! I sold myself for money.