Nokia 6600 – When I Traveled 70 K.M. To Lose My Phone

Nokia 6600 - When I Traveled 70 K.M. To Lose My Phone
Nokia 6600 - When I Traveled 70 K.M. To Lose My Phone
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Convincing someone to buy an old dream of yours (used electronic gadget), is the toughest job, especially when you had that item after a long struggle and you have endless memories attached to it. I personally experienced this dilemma, when I exchanged Nokia 6600 for money.

I still remember, how badly I controlled my spending habits for having Nokia 6600 under my pillow. It took me nearly five months. In 2005, having such an expensive gadget was more likely a dream come true. This was my first camera phone with the internet. So, there are are countless incidents of impressing people, especially the girls in the circle.

But, then came the era of iPhones and like others, I was no longer interested in this phone. I made my mind of selling it for money to have a few bucks for my next purchase. Those were days when Yahoo chat was the best medium of making a shout about anything.

So, I used the same. After leaving my message in several local chat rooms, I finally one buyer; 70 K.M. away from my location. There were no websites offering instant quotes, free pickup and on-the-spot cash payment facilities those days. Those were the days of struggle and concepts like #CleanUpCashOut were nothing, but fairy-tales. So, traveling to the location on own expenses was the only solution left.

Before fixing a physical meeting, I called Mr. A. We talked about everything (phone condition, calling quality, bill, and charger). As he initiated no discussion on the price, so I asked him, if he can afford the price. To which he replied, “yes, I know, it is an expensive model, and I know what is the best price.”

There was no one to decide an MSP – maximum selling price.

A time for meeting with Mr. A was fixed. I took my first half off and boarded the bus. The venue for the meeting was 70 K.M. away from my place. Being an expensive phone, not many people were interested. I was not only serious about selling this phone, buy buying the next one well. So, I traveled all the way.

Throughout the ride, I was making sure that there should be no personal data left. I was so sure of the sale that without thinking much I deleted all the contacts (instead of copying them to the sim card), photos, and messages.

Finally, I reached the person. I showed him the phone. He tested it like a circuit engineer. I don’t know what all *# kinda codes he punched, but he did. He tried the camera and sound quality. After a detailed inspection, he asked me the price.

I offered him a price that was already 4000 less than the actual price. But, he said, he won’t pay anything more than 4000 /-. That was a shock. After traveling for nearly an hour, you are being offered a price that is not only unacceptable but insulting as well.

Without talking any further, I just told that guy, “Dude! You are up for buying a Bajaj Scooter at the price of LUNA. Not going to work.

The deal never worked.

Well, as I was in the town of my uncle, I thought of ringing him. The moment I pulled my phone out, I realized that I had already wiped all the numbers.

Well, I rang my mother and had my uncle’s number from her. I told him the story behind my visit over lunch.

In the afternoon, when my cousin arrived, I shared the story again. This time, he made an offer of buying my phone for 10000 bucks.

At one side, I was so eager to grab his offer. But, on the other side, I was thinking, “how to accept money from my uncle because If I did, this is going to upset my mother.” At the same time, saying no is going to upset my brother, hence, uncle.

In between of this discussion, I diverted the topic and we (my cousin and I) decided to go to the market, just to check the price of new iPhone.

Suddenly, I saw a hoarding of a shop that was dealing with old phones. I thought, let me give it a try. We jumped in the shop and I popped my phone out. The guys after having a thorough inspection offered me 7K for the phone. But, I was not in the mood of selling it below 10k.

While we were returning home, we met a friend of my cousin. I again tried my luck and this time, I was offered 8K. For a moment, I thought of surrendering it. But, then I saw the sadness on cousin’s face. I rejected the deal.

The same night, I had repetitive calls from the same guy’s, who offered me a seriously insulting price in the morning. I was not in the mood of any further interaction with that guy.

Next morning, after having breakfast, my cousin dropped me at the bus stand. I promised him that once I manage to purchase new iPhone for myself, I will gift my Nokia 6600 to him. I boarded the bus with a heavy heart.

After an hour, when I reached home. I explored my pocket for the phone. Guess what? There was no phone. It was gone. I missed it. I was not having any IMEI numbers to lodge a police complaint. I was cursing myself for not selling or gifting it to my cousin.

Now, after 10 years of this incident, I came to know that there is portal called cashify, where you can sell your old phone and laptop without losing them for free. The best things are –

Nokia 6600 - When I Traveled 70 K.M. To Lose My Phone
Nokia 6600 – When I Traveled 70 K.M. To Lose My Phone
  • You get the best price for your product.
  • It will be picked from your door.
  • You will be paid in cash; on the spot.

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