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I Don't Have A Boyfriend. Why Am I Alone?
I Don't Have A Boyfriend. Why Am I Alone?

I Don’t Have A Boyfriend. Why Am I Alone?


Sukhdeep Singh

Write Something To Right Something

Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.



  1. Watch out your dreams.
  2. Give up your unrealistic standards.
  3. All men are not same.

Some women and even some men believe that unless you have a life partner you are automatically marked by loneliness and social isolation.

Are you alone too? Each of us is responsible for our lifestyle. Unless you have a partner does not mean that life can be fun or glamorous. If you do not have a boyfriend, surely you fit into one of these patterns.


You like romantic movies and you’re looking for a boyfriend as the lead male personality of those films. You always dream of someone who will come to show you his love, affection, will bring you countless gifts.

You search for someone who will whisper poems in your ear, never ends. But, dear lady! don’t you think, you need to see things realistically? How about coming to the real world and parking your white horse in the stable; stop behaving like those in the movies!


You’re the kind of person who puts evil before. You begin with seeing the dark side of things. Same happens to you when you meet a guy; without wasting a minute you label him as a jerk.

Do not give in too easily. If you had some bad experiences, don’t assume that the same is going to happen again. At least give him a chance to prove who he is; do not arrive at a decision immediately. Keep an open heart, and hopefully better, otherwise you will limit opportunities!


You are the kind of person who has a high opinion of her and believes that only an extraordinary man can buy your attention. Only a guy who meets all your requirements is going to get a tick from you.

But, do you know that you are too selective and let me tell you, you are not going to meet your Mr. Perfect because there is no Mr. Perfect.

You should know that love is an adventure and the person you might meet at the end may be different from the one imagined, however, you should still give him a chance.

Otherwise, be ready to lose the man of your dreams because of your unbeatable high standards!


You can be in love with anyone and you feel strange for those who complain about not finding an ideal partner. But, the reality is different. You are always with somebody because you are scared of being alone.

Just for the sake of being always engaged, you go with any random guy. It’s ok to be open, but you need a break to reflect on your true needs and desires, then you will be more demanding dependable!


You are the kind of woman who gives everyone a chance and you are bored of so many meetings. Surely you afraid to end up alone!

You should put men in second place for a while and just try to have fun. If you step back and stop obsessions immediately, you’ll be able to enjoy the most of your relationships without having to be stressed.


You the kind of girl who knows what she wants and after a few glasses you are open to everything and to everyone.

Being young is awesome and even if you wake up sometimes in strangers’ beds, it’s ok. It is quite possible that while you having your wild fun with wrong people in your life, you might be missing other important people who can be perfect for you!


You do not want to waste time, you do not want the explosion of feelings, but stability and confidence.

You are focused on finding someone suitable and you make efforts to make the best choices. It is good that you do, but you need to relax more and let go of fun.

Try to change the way you think and the way you see this beautiful world. In this way, you have all the chances to meet the one who can give it to you all, even butterflies!