Hugging TherapyA hug can heal your soul

Hugging Therapy ---A-hug-can-heal-your-soul
Hugging Therapy ---A-hug-can-heal-your-soul
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One day, I want someone to hug me tight. I believe that one hug will fit back all ‘broken pieces of me’ together. 

Have you heard about hugging therapy? We all need hugs. Hugs not only give us a good feeling, but also ease our burden that we might otherwise keep hauling for ages. We are a part of “always in rush” society and we are so busy that we get no time for settling our minor indifference. In such cases, all we need is a hug to heal our soul. A Hug is a way of expressing affection, understanding, love and approval and a hearty hug can convey messages like “Everything will be fine or I am with you”, without saying a single world and no doubt, we all need to hear these two lines from time to time. Today, I want to emphasize the importance of practicing this affectionate gesture, which is much more than a contact between two bodies and the proximity of two hearts. It’s an emotional opening and a way to embrace the very soul of a people.

Hugging Therapy heals and banishes fear

A hug can solve problems without requiring verbal communication. Domestic arguments are very common things and most of the time, right after an argument, we find is hard to understand, how to restart with our partner or children; we simply don’t know what to do? After a high-voltage drama, at one point the mind is empty of those hateful thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Beyond this point, we start realizing that we still love that person and it hurts us that we cannot find a solution. In this scenario, a hugging therapy can immediately dissolve the tensed, stressed and despaired feelings.

It is important to note that in love relationships there are always moments of doubt, fear, and concern. We know, after certain time, be it our married relationship or relationship with siblings, everything start changing. At this stage, sometimes we feel like restoring everything to the previous mode; we start trying to infuse the lost magic. These are jiffies when we start doubting each other and we start living in a fear of losing our beloved ones. At such ups-and-downs of life, we need a proof of sincerity. Sometimes saying “everything’s fine” or “sure I still love you, what nonsense are you talking” is not enough. You do not need words, but actions. And, nothing is more appropriate than hugging therapy. Do not forget that there are many ways to embrace someone and every time you hug someone, make sure that must feel true, coming from the heart and is honest. Just so you can banish fears, and a simple gesture assumes a transcendental value.

Hugging Therapy boosts the immune system

In the study, a few participants were exposed to a common cold virus and monitored for symptoms and signs of infection. They found that people who were perceived as having good social support and received hugs frequently had reduced signs and symptoms of infection improved. The participants who were going through interpersonal conflicts and have not received hugs from a long time, they represented symptoms and signs of infection more pronounced. According to studies, hugs can reduce stress hormone that inhibits the immune system and increase the hormones and peptides that regulate the functioning of immune cells.

Hugging Therapy is a link to the world

The best hugs are what you get when you most need; a hug that really defines your life and heart. There have been many experiments in the street an anonymous person offering “free hugs”. A hug is a connection with the world when it comes from someone important to you. For an example, think as a child who is deprived of hugs, and good morning and good night embraces.

Hugging is a gesture of recognition, be it an old or kid. It is a testimony to the fact that one giving you a hug is a part of your life, he loves you more than anything, and he is wrapping you in his arms because you are a part his soul. Nothing in the world gives you more comfort than a hug if offered with sincerity and at the right time. Remember, when you hug someone, your self-esteem is strengthened, and your body releases endorphins that give you a good feeling.

If they do not embrace … and you embrace them!

Some people complain that their partner or children are “cold” that seem to have no need of these emotional events, and they prefer rejecting it. It might be because of their personality. But, you need to keep this in mind that even if you do not offer hugs or they don’t ask you for one, it does not mean they do not need or they won’t appreciate this gesture. Some people have difficulty expressing this emotional need; they do not dare to do it and apparently  they neither do nor they expect.

Do not worry, do not annoy them and do not think that they do not care about you. You need to believe that a sudden and intense hug will always snatch a smile and will make them blush. We all need hugs daily or spontaneous hug to strengthen the link between people. Should you hug those shy or reserve-nature siblings of yours, you actually will convey an important message: “I am here with you and always will. You’re the best part of my life.

Medically, a hug will release Neurohormones in the body that can alleviate sadness, tension, and anxiety. Finally; a hug is blessing you with an improved health and happiness all around.