How To Win Someone Using Law of Attraction

How To Win Someone Using Law of Attraction
How To Win Someone Using Law of Attraction
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  1. The one rule of Law of Attraction.
  2. Positive and right intentions matter a lot.
  3. Winning people is not a complex thing.

Law of attraction is not an alien concept for the citizens of the world now. It’s gaining popularity and how?

Do you know that you can win someone using law of attraction? It is everywhere and people are using it for different reasons to make their lives abundant. We all are abundant, we just have to decode our subconscious mind to live an abundant life. Like attracts like – this is the rule of law of attraction. Emotions like anger, grief, anxiety, hate, etc. drag you down both mentally and physically. It drains you out and makes you attract more of negative energy. Whereas emotions like happiness, excitement, joy, etc. they make you attract more of such positive energies.

We all are like moving magnets, receiving and sending out energy or you can say vibes! Have you met somebody for the first time and thought, oh wow! it feels so good to be around this person.

It’s not about you, it’s about that other person who is vibrating at his highest positive vibes and that vibe is actually affecting your thoughts. Hope I’m making sense to you, we all are constantly giving out vibrations unknowingly or knowingly.

Does this theory works to attract a specific person or manipulate them? YES! it does work to attract a specific person but NO! it doesn’t work in manipulating anybody. Imagine if that was the case, how many people would have manipulated us.

However, even when you cannot manipulate any specific person, you can always change their perceptions of you with the help of Law of Attraction. Let me tell you how… there are few steps that you need to follow:

Step 1 – Have a positive intention

Intentions matter a lot. If there’s somebody who’s having a negative point of view towards you, then keep a positive intention about changing it.

You cannot keep any negative feeling towards that person while you’re trying to change their perception of you from negative to positive because…yes “like attracts like!” Just forget the fact that they hate you while you are in the process of making the Law of Attraction work.

Step 2 – Use affirmations

Affirmations are not only important in motivating you but also for you to feel good from inside. You can use it this way – “I, (your name), have the most wonderful heart filled with love and joy. There’s so much love in me that everybody around me feels it and loves me the way I want them to.”

You can make your own affirmation and say it loud every day. You’ll feel very good and positive from inside and that is what we want. You really have to vibrate in the highest possible positive energy to attract similar vibes.

Step 3 – Work on yourself, it’s all about you

Attract a specific person into your life is all about you. When you want people/somebody to like you or change their perception of you, work on becoming the best version of yourself. When you say that you’re the nicest and most lovable person in the entire world, work on becoming like that. Work on making yourself irresistibly a good and positive person.

Step 4 – Meet that person

When you have worked on yourself and you are vibrating at the highest possible positive energy, go and meet that person. He/she will able to sense your positive vibes and this will turn the tables.

So, you see winning people isn’t that a complex thing when you’re intentions are right and positive. Make yourself a right person and you’ll win people everywhere.