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How To Tell If She Likes You
How To Tell If She Likes You

How To Tell If She Likes You

Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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  1. Sense the vibes of your girl's feelings.
  2. Express and show but not without getting convinced
  3. Ways that can help you to know her feelings for you

All relationships are different which is why there can never be a common solution for a situation that can possibly vary from couples to couples.

If you have strong feelings for a girl and feel that most probably you are in love with her; you are in a trouble, dude! (Just kidding!) You don’t really have load your head with doubts about her feelings for you. Learn here how to tell if she likes you.

Whenever we fall in love with somebody we can sense the vibes of his/her feelings. We can easily get an idea of their interest by observing how they act or how they feel when you are around. However, in some cases it can be really troublesome because some girls are good at hiding their emotion and feelings.

If you are stuck in such a situation, then you might really want to proceed with cautions. You are going to waste your money on astrology readings or you will buy sessions from love gurus who you think can interpret her signals for you.

But! what if nothing goes right? What if you are told a about no feelings and in reality even she is feeling all those butterflies in her stomach? You don’t really want to spend a life of regrets…do you?

So, the first step is having some lesson on how to find out about her feelings for you. Here are some ways through which you can know what emotions your girl holds for you.

Does she initiate more often?

Do you always get calls from her even when you don’t call her in a day? Does she take an effort to plan out things for you both or even with common friends? When a girl is in love or when she is attracted to a guy, she will do everything that can keep her guy close to her eyes.

Does she do anything for you without you asking for it?

Women are givers by nature. When a woman likes any man, she tends to nurture him. Have you noticed anything like that in your girl? Does she bring you things that matter to you a lot or is good for you? How does she reacts when you are sick?

How does she feel when you are flirting with other girls?

Well, no woman would like to share her man with another woman. If you see even a slight jealous expression on her face when you flirt with other girls, she likes you!

Does she boss you around quite often?

You have no idea how much girls like to fight with their guy. Mostly because for the cute patch up session. Girls also like to boss around their guy a lot because it gives a sense of belonging to them.

Are you her go-to guy?

Whom does she call first when she is in need? Is it you? If you are her go-to guy then you are her most trusted person. Trust is the base of any true relationship.

Well if you have answered Yes to all the above questions then she is highly interested in you, If you got three Yes’ and two No’s then she is interested but not much.

However, it can’t be a bad thing, at least she likes you a lot. So you do have a chance!If you have answered No to most of the above questions then it’s a red flag, maybe she is just happy to stay as your friend.

So, now you know if you should go ahead and express your love or not. BDW whatever the case is if you love anybody dearly, you should always express! You don’t really know how mysteriously Cupid can work!