How To Tell If He Loves Me Or Not?

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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Observe His Body Language

Body language is a series of movements, even involuntary, they do really help you in understanding a lot about a person. It is said that women are blessed with such instinct of reading body language, yet mastering this need skills because human body can emit fifty different signs through which one can tell if he likes you. One of the most common signs is if he is watching you very much. If he tries to capture your gaze and raises his eyebrows, then it is a huge sign that he likes you. Another great way is to keep an eye on his feet: if they are facing you, then he surely have feelings for you. Do watch him closely when he talks because here you can understand him much more, especially if his put his hands on the hips, he is trying to impress you. Do not overlook these signals, ladies.