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How To Tell If He Loves Me Or Not?

How To Tell If He Loves Me Or Not?
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Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.

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Crush, love at first sight, clean-bowled, infatuation, strange feelings; call it whatever you would like to, but once in a lifetime, most of us had an encounter with this emotional outburst called love.

Many of you ladies are gutsy enough in expressing their feelings, while others choose to live in the dilemma – he loves me or he loves me not. Dear ladies, can I ask you, how many times have you tried with a guy, but do not know if he is really interested or not? The question haunts you, and perhaps with the passage of time the relationship may fray. Well, it’s time to learn how to tell if a guy likes you .

Observe His Body Language

Body language is a series of movements, even involuntary, they do really help you in understanding a lot about a person. It is said that women are blessed with such instinct of reading body language, yet mastering this need skills because human body can emit fifty different signs through which one can tell if he likes you. One of the most common signs is if he is watching you very much. If he tries to capture your gaze and raises his eyebrows, then it is a huge sign that he likes you. Another great way is to keep an eye on his feet: if they are facing you, then he surely have feelings for you. Do watch him closely when he talks because here you can understand him much more, especially if his put his hands on the hips, he is trying to impress you. Do not overlook these signals, ladies.

Eye Contact

Eye contact is one of the most important things to note. Many of them will attempt to secretly watch you, thinking that you’re not watching them. If you catch them checking you, they are bound to turn away; this is a great sign. The surest boys and confident, will even keep it for a few seconds, creating a particularly fiery. If you want to discover how to tell if a guy likes you, you should try this: Look at him in the eyes for 3 or 4 seconds, then fixed elsewhere. After some time, repeat your action. If you find him looking elsewhere, then probably he do not like you. However, be careful, if you think he is a shy guy, then you should try other techniques.

He Listen Carefully When You Speak

What do most of the guys do who are attracted? Of course, listening to your damsels carefully. In addition to this, they try to speak only of themselves, as if to show that they are interested. At this point, you will need to match what was previously said, also uses your instincts about his body language!

There Is The Physical Contact

When there is physical contact between two people, probably there is a little spark already. It’s a great way to tell if a guy likes you. If he touches you, even accidentally, he’ll be just trying to express his interest in you. This happens when you laugh, joke, and bring almost everyone a hug! But, you must know about intentions behind that touching.

Treat You Differently

When a guy is attracted to you and wants to express his love for you , he will begin to behave differently, especially if you are in a group. If he starts to behave like a protector and follows you, then it is a sign of interest. He may even start to flirt with other female friends of yours, just to make you feel jealous.

He Will Start Caring The Things You Love

He Will Start Caring The Things You Love
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Quite a simple logic to understand behind this; he wants to tell you that he is a perfect match for you. He will start appreciating your hobbies, be it is dancing, cooking, painting, listening to some particular singer or etc. The moment he starts caring your hobbies, you should understand that he likes you!

He Looks Around Nervously

He Looks Around Nervously
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He laughs nervously whenever you are near. He might have sweaty hands, take some deep breaths and looks away as soon as you look at him. All these signals can help you discover whether he is interested in you or not. Most likely, he is very much concerned about leaving a good impression on you because he wants your attention and he has an aim of attracting you.

Watch Him With His Friends

Watch Him With His Friends
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Now, this one is an epic. Imagine – you meet him, along with his friends. He tries to behave more seriously, while his friends tease him and crack jokes on him. Dear lady, he is madly in love with you! He is trying to tell you that he is a serious guy; serious about you and the relationship.

Do You Copy

Observes his actions carefully – do you see him copying you? If you make a gesture or pronounce a particular phrase, and within a short time he repeats it, then he is interested in you. Take this as a sign. Submissiveness is a sign of surrender and if a man is already surrendering himself, what more you need? If you love someone, you need to be brave enough to tell them. Otherwise, be brave enough to watch them be loved by someone else.

I must say, should you love someone, tell them instantly because hearts are often broken by words left unspoken.