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For Women – How To Talk About Sex in A New Relationship

How to Talk to Your Partner About Sex
How to Talk to Your Partner About Sex
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According to the area experts, if you do not take the initiative to learn and experiment new things during sex, your sexual life will become dull and you will be counted as a lover with no enthusiasm. Hope you know, how a dull sexual life can kill your relationship!

When it is about having sex with your partner, every person, be it a female or male, wants to explore his/her fantasies to the maximum. But, when it comes to trying something new, we all start to shy or hesitate. The biggest challenge that most of us face is, “how to discuss a fantasy with our partner?” To an extent, this discussion is easy for males. But, for females, discussing sex is still a taboo. It is a question of image or reputation because they do not want their male partner to take them like a pervert. Nonetheless, as I said earlier, should you not try something new, you and your partner will lose interest. And, sex will be nothing, but a way of reproducing something. Therefore, in this article, we will be telling you how to talk about sex in a new relationship.

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1Identify Your Vulnerabilities Regarding This Topic

As a woman, you must first understand that the intimate area should not be regarded as a taboo subject. What you enjoy most during sex, if you know it, then only you can make your partner understand it. The more you get to know your areas of greatest pleasure, the more enjoyment it will be.

Therefore, a first step to getting rid of shyness is to explore the intimate area alone. Spend time with you and your fantasies. Discover your areas and make your partner understand about those.

2Do Not Think Too Much, But Act And Initiate

If you are ready for sex, do not stress think about it and do not overboard your mind with useless negative thoughts. The more you think about this subject, the more stressful you will feel. Express your emotions for the partner. You can start with a few kisses and from thereon, let the things go on.

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The most important thing is, “you need to have a relaxed mind before you go to bed.” A cool mind is an important element when it is about preparing yourself for the sex. To have that state of mind, you must first clear your mind and doubts. Do not think much about your lover perceptions about you. Express your love and prepare yourself mentally for that time. Let go of the wave!

3Talk To Him About Erotic Toys

During sex, talking on erotic toys seems a little awkward. But, once you start talking, the shame will disappear and you, as a couple, will enjoy sex to the maximum. Obviously, if you are a shy lady, you will not feel comfortable using a toy in front of your partner.

Therefore, if you talk openly before buying any such thing, you will not have any problem in buying it or using it in front of your partner.

4Your Boyfriend Loves You For Who You Are

It is useless to think about cellulite or stretch marks or extra pounds when you are in bed with your lover. Most studies have shown that at the time of sex, men do not pay much attention to these things.

But, women themselves discourage their sex relations by thinking about them. If it helps you in the beginning, use a romantic atmosphere and make candlelight love to get rid of this stress and enjoy the experience lived together.

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5Love Yourself Near A Mirror

This is a bold advice, and you need to get some courage to implement it if you’re shyer than you are. But by doing this you will be able to look at your bodies in the mirror and find that this is a very exciting one, causing you to have more sex appeal!

Do You Have A Confusion? Ask An Expert

We hope using these tips, you can get rid of your shyness to a greater extent. Always keep in mind, “a lot of issues can be resolved by talks and questions.”

Therefore, instead of compromising, it is better to find a solution.