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How To Start A Talk With A Girl on The First Date

How To Start A Talk With A Girl on The First Date
How To Start A Talk With A Girl on The First Date
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Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.

How to start a talk with a girl on the first date is perhaps the biggest challenge that every guy has to deal with. And, whether you are going to get lucky or not, simply depends upon your first impression.

I have seen guys behaving like a kid on their first date. Instead of showing some confidence, they show every possible sign of nervousness. Let me tell you, your silence is not going to bring you any luck and in case you have nothing to talk about, it’s a good idea to prepare yourself for such a situation. In this article, I will be talking about how to start a talk with a girl on the first date. I am intentionally going to put them in descending order.

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10Avoid the past issues

We all have a past and no one wants to discuss past; at least not on the first meeting. So, you are not supposed to ask her about when her last relationship ended, or how she gets along with that, etc. Try to get away from these topics, as you may be witnessing an emotional episode for her. Moreover, she is not going to tell you the real story, but a fictional drama.

9Ask her if she has siblings

The purpose of this is to find out more about her family, in general, and her relationship with her family members. But, do not ask this like an interrogation. Instead, recreate the funny stories you made in your childhood, and let her share her.

8Ask about a place where she would love to travel or traveled

This is how you will be going to find more about her taste and nature. Trust me, you can both enter a nostalgic atmosphere, telling you about the places you’ve been and what impressed you the most. Do not fake it and talk about a place that you really visited. She may be interested to know more about that place.

7Share your culinary preferences

Food is the best topic and by discussing food, you will be able to find out what she wants you to order for dinner. Ask her, if she cooks and if she has any recipe to share. Girls love to talk about food. If you know cooking, you must not hide this because girls love guys who can cook.

6Career plans

Do not miss talking about this section. Girls always want to be with a guy who is serious about his career. In simpler terms, they are always interested to know more about their future with you. Once again, you are not supposed to brag, but you should sound realistic.

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You can talk about work and work environment. People love to talk about work politics they face on daily basis and their office environment. By discussing this, you will be able to find out, how serious and ambitious she is.


You can find out how sociable she is and how good relationship she shares with her friends. Ask about her best friend, the parties and the clubs she recommends.


Tell her about your passions and then let her reveal her favorite hobbies as well. This is the best way to find out about things that you have common. In case, you share one or two similar hobbies, things are going to be really easy for you.

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2Weekend plans

Without scaring her too much, you can tell her about your weekend plans like a movie premiere, theater, a theatrical party etc. The point is, you need to see if she would like to accompany you. Once you see positive signs, you can ask her to accompany you.

1Time to go into more intimate or profound subjects

If you notice that she feels good and relaxed, and her eyes shine when she laughs, you can also go into more intimate or profound subjects. After several hours spent together, you already have exceeded the threshold of emotions and embarrassing situations.

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Always remember, the success of your first date depends upon on your first impression and your first impression greatly depends upon on how you start a talk with a girl.