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Do You Know How To Spot A Right Partner

Do You Know How To Spot A Right Partner
Do You Know How To Spot A Right Partner
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Sukhdeep Singh

Write Something To Right Something

Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.

When you love a man, you want your relationship to last forever. Perhaps, that’s what we call true love. But, relationships are very tricky and we all do mistakes while forming these.

Every girl dream of her marriage, bridal dress, the future house and the in-laws‘ family? Undoubtedly, having a good life partner is the biggest worry about not the bride’s family, but of the bride, as well. Choosing a right partner is not an easy thing to do. But if you are already in love with someone and planning to get married to the same guy, I suggest you read my article. In this article, I will be telling you how to spot a right partner. There are some signs that can help you. Here’s what they are!

1Dump him, if he is still looking for their former ones

This is an alarm signal indicating that the partner is not ready for a long-term relationship. If he still has connections with the former, then it is a clear indication for you that he is not taking you seriously, at all and you are not his priority.

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In addition, you will notice that he is not ready to give you the deserved importance and the worst part is, he is not ready to change, either.

2Dump him, if he does not want to spend time with your family and friends

If he refuses to go with you to family meetings or meetings with your friends, he is indirectly telling you that he barely enjoys your company. In that case, how can you marry a person, who is not ready to be with you or your family? Should you see your guy doing this, run away without any time.

3Dump him, if your relationship is not a part of his future plans

If you see him showing lack of interest in future plans with you or if you see him skipping from the future-plan discussion, then you must not waste your time with him. Observe closely, if he is concerned about his present and wants to do things he wants to do with you now, then you must leave him.

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4Dump him, if he talks about several relationships

We all make wrong choices and there is no problem in it. But if you see him talking about countless short-term relationships, you must avoid him. It is a clear sign that he can not have a serious relationship.

5Dump him, if he has a broken heart

Although you should not ask about his past until a few meetings, once you are on a track, do not forget to check his views about his past affair. The idea is to check, whether he is still missing and repairing his broken heart? In case you see him talking about his broken heart more than often, you must not wait to dump him.

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6Dump him, if he talks negatively about your relationship

If you are dating a guy who always tells you why the relationship will not work, you should dump him. He is indirectly telling you that he’s not sure of his feelings for you, and he is going dump you very soon.

These are a few easy signs that can help you to judge, whether you are dating a right guy or not? Should you see any of these signals, take my advice for free – Dump him the soonest possible.