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How To Smell Good All The Time

How To Smell Good Smell Good All The Time
How To Smell Good Smell Good All The Time
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  1. Choose Flavors That Persist.
  2. Apply Perfume At The Right Time.
  3. Use Perfume At Best Places.

My dear buddies, summers are approaching. Once again, it is time to spend a good amount of pocket money on deodorants and perfumes.

With the arrival of summer, how to smell good becomes a question of self-respect. Instead of spending huge amounts on the best fragrance, aromatic soaps, talc powders, and other body sprays, hiding the stinking armpits becomes a challenge. Even top-notch perfumes fade quickly. Well, the solution is not using more perfume, but using it properly.

Choose Flavors That Persist

Learn to choose the right flavor of perfume. Do keep in mind that perfumes have three layers. Always go for a perfume that lasts longer. Learn here – how to choose a perfume.

Always remember that strong flavors or high prices have nothing to do with longevity. There can be some perfumes that stay longer, despite being not high in price. Fragrances with flavors such as musk or sandalwood last longer. So, choose the flavor carefully.

Use Your Perfume Product Range

Use as many as flavored products you can, but not a number of perfumes. I am trying to say that be it a shower gel, body lotion or body oils, perfumes exist in a wide range of products.

Try using several of them together, and you will have “layers” of the same flavors, persisting gently whole day.

Use Perfume At Best Places

Maybe you are not applying deodorants and perfumes in the right places. Learn more about the places, where you should apply it.

Generally, one should apply perfume on the body areas that remain warmer such as wrists, abdomen, chest, behind the ears, or knees. The heat from the body allows the gradual release of fragrances from top, middle and base layer of the perfume.

Never Rub Perfume

I have seen people rubbing the skin area after applying the perfume. They believe rubbing means evenly distributing the perfume.

But, in reality, this is a major mistake. It actually removes the top layer of the perfume, and shortens the period of persistence; hence perfume fades.

Apply Perfume At The Right Time

Right time of applying perfume is immediately after showering when skin is still slightly damp. Should you apply perfume within this time-frame, you can be sure about its length of service. However, be very careful about the risk of staining your delicate clothes.

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Moisturizes Your Skin

Do you have a dry skin? Let me tell you that dry skin absorbs the perfume. And, this is the reason behind its reduced persistence.

The secret is using a moisturizer; moisturize your skin using a body lotion or body oil before applying perfume. In this way, the flavors will adhere better to the skin and will last throughout the day.

Still, if you feel like it is not working, you can always go for an emergency solution; having a backup perfume handy. Refresh yourself as and when required regardless of time and place.