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Life Hacks - How To Sleep Better In Summers
Life Hacks - How To Sleep Better In Summers

Life Hacks – How To Sleep Better In Summers

Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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We all know the importance of sleeping well. But, in summers, having a wonderful sleep is very difficult because of hot days and sultry nights. So, here is how to sleep better in summers.

To have a good sleep in hot and humid nights is not easy. Though we have air conditioners to make us feel comfortable, it is not recommended to use them throughout the night. We all know about the disadvantages of air-conditioner’s excessive use. And, moreover, not everyone can afford this solution (talking about people who cannot afford an air conditioner). So, here is how to sleep better in summers without sleeping pills.

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Hot Shower Before Bedtime

This is an awesome hack. Most people prefer a cold shower, where water temperature is somewhere near 20-25 degree Celsius.

But, if you think cold showers cools you down, you are wrong. The reason is your body’s temperature, which is going to rise again after some time and will make you feel uncomfortable.

However, a hot shower will give you feeling of freshness that is most needed in the hot summer nights.

Moreover, a hot shower not only save you from feeling damp and sticky skin because of high temperatures, but also reduces body temperature before bedtime.

Close Drapes During The Day

This is hack number two for summers. Immediately after waking up, you should open the drapes and let the sunshine come into your room.

Natural light stimulates the production of serotonin, which improves your mood and helps you quickly get rid of drowsiness.

But after you are ready for work, you should close the drapes again to avoid sun from heating your bedroom in your absence.

By doing this, the room temperature will remain low throughout the day, especially if you have windows facing south or west direction.

Use A Buckwheat Pillow

Have you ever experienced that your pillow gradually heats up shortly after you put it under your head?

It happens because your pillows are filled with ordinary puff, sponge or synthetic materials that retain heat. These kinda a pillows are good for winters.

However, for summers, you need to invest in a set of special pillows.

These pillows are filled with buckwheat, a cereal that allows air to circulate; keeps you cool in the night.

Also, the grains of buckwheat adjusts according to the body shape and provides the essential support to you neck while you are sleeping.

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Use Silk Covering For Pillow

Not only what it is inside, but what is outside the pillow, equally matters.

For this, you should cover your pillow with silk.

If you don’t know, silk is a natural material that lets the skin breathe without accumulating heat.

This makes silk covering a perfect solution for summer.

Also, this can prevent any damage caused to your hair by rubbing.

Use Cotton Sheets

In summers, you should quit silk or polyester when it comes to bedding to bed (pillow covers are fine).

They are good when it’s cooler outside.

In summers, it is better to use cotton bedding as it allow air to circulate and breathable.

Sleep Alone

This may be funny for you, but if possible, sleep alone during summers.

When two people sleep in the same bed, the temperature increases significantly due to the heat from their bodies.

But if you sleep alone, you can stretch your hands and feet to the widest and this will drop your body temperature as well.

Remove Electronic Appliances From Bedroom

Electronic appliances produce heat, so it is better to remove them from the bedroom during the night.

In case the accessories are permanently affixed and removing those is not an option, you should at least unplug them from the electric sockets, when not in use. If plugged in, these items are tend to produce heat.

I hope these tips are going to help you. Try these and let me know your experience.  Also, if you have any other suggestions, do let me know.