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Divorce Is for Dummies. Experts Know How To Handle

Divorce Is for Dummies. Experts Know How To Handle
Divorce Is for Dummies. Experts Know How To Handle
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Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.

Endless reasons, useless suggestions, and fruitless solutions; with a few exceptions of irremediable nature, divorce is for dummies.

Divorces, mutual or legal separations, relationship conflicts, there is nothing new in these. We are heading towards a society, where “ego” is the only thing that matters the most. After attending the marriage, and then seeing the same couple suing each other for a divorce, I question myself – “whether they were looking much happier at the day of their wedding or the day they had their divorce? Be it for any reason, separation from a person who you had chosen to spend your life with, really hurts. But, with a few exceptions, I believe, the primary reason behind most of the divorce cases is immaturity. No offense, but to me, divorce is for dummies.

Here are some tips from experts on how to handle things before it’s too late.

1. Love Yourself

To start with, you should learn to love and live for yourself.. If you can’t love yourself, there is no question of loving someone else. Loving yourself will make you hungry for more love. And, to have more love, you will love your partner more.

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Infidelity, distrust, cheating, selfishness; keep yourself away from all these, if you want your relationship to survive. Do reserve a special place for your partner in your heart and keep that place reserved for the person you share your life with.

2. Fall in Love Every Day

No wonder, change is the nature of law. Be it your personality, appearance, attitude or value for a person; everything changes drastically and this is a natural process.

You need to understand that neither you nor your partner is going to remain the same person after a few years of your marriage. Do not let these changes fade your love.

Fall in love with your partner on daily basis. Surprise your partner and keep telling him/her that you are still in love with them.

Remember that your partner is not under any obligation to stay with you in the worst conditions. Therefore, it has to be the goal of your life to keep your partner with you.

3. Do Not Try To Change Things Forcibly

How many things did you ask your partner to change in the initial years of your marriage? None! I guess. You were in love with your partner with all his/her inabilities.

Improvement is a must for a healthy relationship. If I am doing something that is not good for my relationship, then I must quit doing that. And, I must do that at any cost. But, it is not going to happen in one night.

You must let your partner take his/her own initiative and allow them with some time for the improvements. This interval will not only bless your partner with the required time for changes but will also you in understanding your partner’s inabilities.

4. Do Not Blame Your Partner

You need to digest this that if you are angry with your partner, there is something wrong with you too. In simpler terms, one hand cannot clap alone. You need to understand that there is something wrong inside you as well because how can you hold someone else responsible for your emotions?

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Breaking up with someone is not a solution. By doing so, you are only getting rid of that person and not your habits. Next time, you are going to face the same troubles. And, eventually, this is going to make you like like a loser, who don’t have guts to face the problems.

So, don’t be a loser because divorce is for dummies and experts know how to handle.