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How To Resolve A Relationship After A Big Fight?

How To Resolve A Relationship After A Big Fight
How To Resolve A Relationship After A Big Fight
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Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.

Relationships include – fights, jealousy, arguments, faith, tears, and disagreements. But, A real relationship fight through all that with love – Barbara Lewis

Well, no couple can claim that they never had disagreements. We all are different and we are not programmed to think the same way. The difference of opinions is perfectly normal and omnipresent. It is quite normal that what makes me happy, could be a reason of sadness for my partner. It is all about how to see things. Do not ignore the warning signs. Once you feel that every little is now upsetting you or your partner, is it better to have a chat. Although these small irritations appear to be not so important, but you must not forget that these are capable of putting a couple relationship at risk of separation.  A few disagreements are common and universal. But, how to resolve a relationship after having a big fight is something I am going to talk about.

Talk, Talk and Talk

Talking is important because accumulated irritation is very dangerous. Ever saw an air balloon? You cannot fill it with air more than it can have; it will burst. Same, if you are not sharing your irritation with your partner and if you as a couple are not making any effort to resolve a relationship after big fight, you are risking everything. When something frustrates you or displeases you; talk . Look for a solution and not for confusion. Being a couple you need to act with maturity. Stop listening to an outsider and instead borrowing an outsider’s ear, better solve them behind the four walls.

Perfection Is A State Of Mind

It is impossible to have a partner who is one hundred percent perfect; someone free from errors. You cannot make any perfect because perfection is nothing, but a state of mind. You have to learn to accept the shortcomings and not let a small irritation become worse. Remember that the person on whom are freaked out, is the same person whom you seduced some time ago. The sooner you accept the truth that we all are born with their own strengths and weaknesses, the better it will be for you. Stop asking for perfection because even you are not perfect. Do not get mad at me when I say – many of the things that irritate you, are your own flaws. If you really want to bring your relationship to a happy state, stop looking your partner in a bad light.

Don’t worry when I argue with you; worry when I stop because that means there is nothing left to fight for.Karen Watters

Keep The Thrills

Try to add some spice in your life. Monotony is also another reason that we must not ignore. After doing something uninterruptedly for a longer duration, a decline in the interest for the same thing is common. In that case, should you try to explore new ways of doing the same thing, you are going to enjoy it. Same is the case with relationships. Try to look out for solutions; how you can spice up your relationship. Buy some gifts, make food together, go shopping or dine out. The idea is – spending time together and refreshing old sweet memories.

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Fix Your Priorities

Fix your priorities and share those with your partner. You can skip this only if you are married to a person with the sixth sense or some supernatural powers of reading others’ mind. If you really want to save your relationship, instead of giving priorities to others’ things, put your relationship on top. Stop neglecting your partner because unhappy people cannot make anyone happy. Spend as much as quality time you can spend with your kids and partner because at the end, this is what you are going to leave behind; sweet memories.

Be A Listener

Try to be a listener because you have already done with your speaking part and you know, you have done a really bad job. Now, when you really want to make things better, you need to keep your ears open and mouth shut. You need to listen what others have to say about you. As I said, most of the time, it is no one. It will not only guide you about the areas that you need improvements in, but will also encourage your partner for the amendments due on his/her part.

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Like Smile, Sorry Costs Nothings

Learn to say sorry because it costs nothing, but can buy you happiness. Don’t let your ego and pride get in the way; let go ego. I know, confessing something is very hard, but without a confession, no issue can be resolved. Also, confession has to be from the heart, do not fake it. Be honest and do not make your partner feel that you are just pretending things.

Improve your skill on comprises because everything carries a price tag. To have something, you got to pay the price; monetary or non-monetary. Stop acting as a self-centered perfectionist and think about other person’s need. We all have physical and mental limitations and we should respect those. Before shouting at someone’s in competencies, a self-evaluation is always better.

A perfect relationship is not that you never get angry, upset or irritated with each other. But, it’s how fast you resolve and bounce back to the normal.