How To Quit Smoking

How To Quit Smoking
How To Quit Smoking
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  1. Go for Nicotine Replacement.
  2. Develop New Habits.

Quit smoking is everywhere and even on the pack of this poison. “Smoking is injurious to health,” i have been reading this quote since childhood. But, still the number of smokers is increasing. Don’t know what are they waiting for.

Quitting a bad habit asks for a lot of courage. It is more likely breaking up with someone, you are deeply in love with. But, when you know it’s for your betterment and for your bright future, it is better to quit. A temporary painful stage is better than living an entire life in pain. So, it’s time to break-up with your CIGARETTES! Undoubtedly, the initial phase of the journey is going to be tough, but once you’ll be cigarettes-free you’ll know that all the efforts were worth it. So, here is how to quit smoking.

Go Slow

Yes, go slow. You don’t have to win the race in a day. According to psychology, it takes about 21 days to quit or form any new habit. So, take your own time. If you are smoking 3 packets a day; start by smoking 2 packets a day for the first week, then just one packet another week and then 2-3 cigarettes the week after. This will help you reduce your urge slowly.

I have seen many people who think that they can quit it within a day. They think it is all about that one particular day; they will woke up and throw their ash-tray and cigi pack out of the window. And, thereafter, no more smoking. Well, they are fooling anyone, but self.

The thing is, if you  are planning to quit it immediately on a said day, you’ll not get away with your urge, you’ll be suppressing your urge instead and that will make you lose your control over your urge for not smoking.

Know What Quitting Will Do To Your Health

Motivations and inspirations help the most when you are trying to create something. Here, you are trying to create a healthy lifestyle for yourself. Take inspirations from people who have already done it and get motivated by knowing what health benefits you’ll get after quitting. Do you know that the effect starts soon after 20 minutes you have stopped smoking for good?

In 20 minutes, your heart rate will drop back to the normal level, in 2 hours your blood pressure will drop to the normal level, in 12 hours the carbon monoxide level will decrease in your body, which means the oxygen level will rise and in 24 hours and finally, your risk of coronary artery disease will be reduced.

Imagine! All these effects in just 24 hours! Think what quitting will do to your body. How healthy and full of life you’ll feel once you have stopped smoking for good.

Go for Nicotine Replacement

Yes, you can take help of nicotine chewing gums or anything in the beginning that can help you resist to smoke. But, make sure this is just in the beginning when you are cutting off the packets one by one.

Nicotine is injurious as well but not as harmful as smoking. But you don’t really want to develop a new bad habit to quit an old one. Try to go without nicotine, try to quit without any help first. Go for nicotine replacements only if you feel you really have to!

Develop New Habits To Replace The Old Ones

This is the best thing and the best gift you can give to yourself. While you are working on to quit an old habit, the same time work on developing a new healthy habit. For instance, a daily morning regimen of working out or going for a nice swim, meditation, yoga…there’s so much to do! You can also read good inspirational books, while you are going through this phase.

Acknowledging the fact that you have developed a bad habit is the first sign of good realization and that will definitely lead you to quit it. There’s a lot of resistance and hard work I agree, but once you have decided, you’ll succeed.