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How To Make Your Guy Want More of You
How To Make Your Guy Want More of You

How To Make Your Guy Want More of You


Shruti Singh

Filling the paper with breathing of heart

Passionate for the craft and technique of writing, transforms caffeine into words, an avid reader, fashionista, mommy-blogger and believer of fairy-tales and all things magic. She writes with the aim to infuse words with a deeper meaning.



  1. More pleasure comes from simpler things in life.
  2. Confidence is sexy.
  3. Jealousy is a turn-off in any relationship.

We all long for our guys to pay extra special attention to us. And at times, it does get difficult to grab that attention and make him want you more.

But worry not because we have some tried and tested ways of making yourself so attractive for your man, that he won’t be able to take his eyes off you. If you follow these tips, your man will not only appreciate you, but you will also become his magnet for sure. Here are the tips, how to make your guy want more of you.

Be Natural

There is nothing more turning off than a girl who tries too hard with makeup to win the heart of her man. Trust us when we say that men appreciate the natural beauty of a woman way more than made-up beauty. Unless you’re going out to a party with him, try to keep your look as natural as possible.

Don’t be too materialistic

A man can only woo his woman till his means allow him to. If you are too high maintenance, meaning he has to spend too much money on you to keep you happy, he will not stick for long.

If you keep your materialistic pleasures to a low, he will love you till no end. Of course, if you can provide for yourself to maintain your standards, there’s nothing better your man will adore.

Be friendly

We know you must be thinking that you’re already friendly. What we mean to say is – be friendly to his friends.

If you are friendly to his friends, they will not stop appreciating and talking about you. And this will make your man keep thinking about you. Being friendly and warm comes with its own perks.

Jealousy is an enemy

Nobody likes a jealous wife or girlfriend. If your man has girl friends (read – friends who are females), don’t be jealous and act like a secret agent.

Also, don’t be jealous of his male friends either. Instead, get to know all of his friends whether males or females and hang out with them.

Show him that you trust him in the relationship and see how he opens up to you.

Be confident

There’s nothing sexier than a woman who knows how to be confident in any given situation. Men don’t always appreciate women who always doubt themselves.

We understand that once in a while, our confidence does get low. But don’t let it happen every day. Be confident to make him want more of you.

These are only some of the things that can make your man not leave your sight for a second. Nothing overpowers better than a woman who is self-made and confident.