How To Make Your Boss Happy

How To Make Your Boss Happy
How To Make Your Boss Happy
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  1. Keep your promises and avoid unpleasant surprises.
  2. Do whatever it takes and seal the deal.
  3. Take things seriously and passionately.

In addition to hard work, your professional tuning with your boss is equally important for the growth of your career. 

True said, “if your boss is happy with you, he will surely take care of you because at the end, we all are human and we all have same emotions.” So, how to make your boss happy? Well, flattery is not the right answer, let me make that very clear to you. It is all about a perfect understanding between you and your employer.

Before you can arrive at correct calculation about what makes your boss happy, you need to a lot of homework.

You need to decode your superior’s wishes and you need to perform the way required to be a valued employee.

It is not easy, though, but you can still manage. Here are some secrets to making your boss stand in your favor.

Be Honest and Keep Your Words

Guys! This is rule number. Be honest with everything you do. If you are not going to do something, don’t give stories. Tell the truth and accept your fault.

Your boss wants to trust you. When you accept a job, you are supposed to finish it regardless of what it takes. Do not deviate from the rules and walk that extra mile as and when required.

Frankly, your bosses hate phrases like “I’ll try” or “may”. Don’t be a scapegoat; behave professionally and respect your word.

No Unpleasant Surprises

I know, situation are sometimes not in our favor. Instead of making stories and dropping things at last moment, it is always better, to tell the truth. It is okay if you are not carrying a good news.

Spoiling things at last moment is no way better than sharing your fear at the beginning. No one like bad news, still you need to make sure that you are speaking the truth and keeping your boss updated with everything happening.

Open up Your Ears & Pay attention

You boss takes you as a very competent employee and you need to make sure that he is right about you. If you prove him wrong, you are for sure going to be in his bad books. You need to be always on your marks with details of projects and relevant answers.

Take Your Job Seriously

If you are not taking your job seriously, bosses are not going to take you seriously either. Don’t make him think that you are there for your salary only. If you are really concerned about yearly increments and you need to make sure that your boss is happy with your performance.

Bosses appreciate employees who are serious about their work and live up to the expectations. It is not that you need to master every skill, but you have to do best in your area of action.

Think About The Business

If you want to be in the good books of your employer, make sure you are treating his dreams as yours. Instead of making him feel happy, you must not support a decision that is going to affect the business as a whole. It is your responsibility to convince him to change his views.

But, make sure to support your cause with respect and professionalism. After all, he is managing from long; you really need to express yourself clearly, concisely, and intelligently.

Provide Solutions That Work

Do not be a complaining woman. No one likes a crying baby; crying for nothing. Honestly, those who complain all the time are the biggest nightmare of a boss. According to the bosses, they are the lazy worker, always in the hunt of easy escapes for not doing things.

You are there for solutions and not for problems dictations. Try to sort things from your end. Do not take everything to boss unless you have a viable solution for it.

Finally, bring new ideas on board because this is how you can tell you boss that you are working for the goal. When you are asked to share your ideas, speak clearly and keep it to the points.

Do not try to exaggerate things for no good reason and make sure that you are expressing yourself when you know exactly what you are going to express.