Mastering The Art of Seduction – How To Make A Girl Fall For You

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Do you know anything about the art of seduction? To seduce a woman is an art.

Like playing an instrument to create beautiful music, you are seducing the woman to bring out emotions in her and to persuade her to fall for you. You can take a scattershot approach to the art of seduction, or you can study it like any other art and then apply your techniques for constant and better results. Here is how to make a girl fall for you and how to be a master in the art of seduction:

Stimulate her

Normal mundane conversation with random people or casual friends do not make anyone feel anything. Most approaches that men unskilled in the art of seduction make are along the lines of “you are cute, what’s you name? Can I buy you a drink?”

After that the conversation doesn’t usually progress much. Over a long period of time, you might get somewhere with this approach, but it will be inconsistent and not at all commanding. To create a quick and powerful connection you need to make the woman feel something.

Connect with her on those feelings

When she is talking about her feelings for, do not make the mistakes of saying “me too”, talking about yourself, or asking lots of closed questions. The course is to connect with her on the feeling and then ask another open question.

To connect with her, imagine what it would be like to be in her position and feed it back to her. So, after she talked about the first time she was in the love, a master in the art of seduction might say: “So you met him and you were so in love that you could just look into his eyes all day long, you must miss that childlike simple love, it’s a shame when things get difficult and you have to second-guess yourself and examine things, do you think you will find that kind of love again with the right guy?”

Be Seductive

The above line will allow you to make an amazing connection with the girl, but unless you have a sexual element, she might still consider you as someone she likes to talk to and be friends with.

You don’t learn the art of seduction to have more friends, so what you need to do next is establish a sexual undertone. You need to gradually shift into a seductive frame and she will follow and start to feel those things too.

Hold eye contact, touch her in increasingly more seductive ways, slow your voice tone, change the way you look at her – if you want her, don’t hide it, and show it. Make some sexual tension and she will start to feel it too.

This is very influential, the only caveat is – to do this once you already have some kind of connection and never ever do it too early.

Seducing women is what all men usually do this for. This is the actual phase where you can actually get them into bed for some real intimacy.

Seducing women is a fragile process that must be done correctly the first time, so pay extra special attention! Seducing women come down to teasing, essentially. You want to build anticipation while at the same time making them think they will never get it.

The easiest way to do this is by flirting. Flirting is the single most powerful tool when it comes to successfully seducing women.