Makeup Products For Eyes – Tricks To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Makeup Products For Eyes - Tricks To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger
Makeup Products For Eyes - Tricks To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger
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Those who know what beautiful eyes are capable of, they know the importance of big and provocative eyes. Ask females and they will tell you how crazy they are about bigger looking eyes like beauty professionals or celebrities.

Are you serious about how your eyes look? Do you think you have a solution for your baby size eyes? If you really want your eyes look bigger, bright and more restful, there are a number of things and tricks you can do. And, the best part is, you do not require too much effort, but just the right makeup products for eyes and a little expertise.

1Keep some ice cubes handy

To begin with, we all know how our eyes look after we wake up. So, the first thing you should be doing is – preparing the weapons that help you in this scenario. My point is keeping some ice cubes handy.

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You need to wrap them in a towel and massage around your eyes and across the face for a refreshing effect. By doing this, you will be giving an instant dose of energy and brightness to the tired eyes.

2Do a little work on the eyebrows

It is said that eyebrows to eyes are like a frame to photo; add extra beauty and make the photo look more beautiful.

Same is the case with eyebrows; beautifully done eyebrows can influence the whole look of eyes.

Neat and trimmed eyebrows in a perfect shape that fits your face will make your eyes look bigger.

Besides eyebrows, the most important trick is to comb your hair for a neat look.

Though you do not know about this trick, a little work around eyebrows can help your eyes look bigger and deeper.

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3Dark circles around eyes

Dark circles are a problem that many women face. And, the only solution they can think of, is camouflaging asking them with a good counterweight.

If you got some skills with masking, you can make increase the brightness around your eye area and highlights the darker genes.

Make an addition to your stock of makeup products for eyes. The best thing you can do is – choose a concealer of a lighter shade than your complexion because that is how you will be able to hide the blue or purple tones of the dark circles.

4Outlining always work

Here is a golden tip for you. Outlining always work.

For more definition and luminosity, draw a thin line, using a black tusk, as close to the base of the upper genes.

The genes will gain more intensity and will help your eyes looking bigger.

5Focus on the eyelid

I am sure, you have certainly heard about this trick. For the eyes to look deeper and look bigger, it is necessary to apply shades of brown on the eyelid.

Do keep in mind that there is always a possibility of exaggeration when you do this.

So, we urge you to use a more synthetic and fluffy brush.

To make this sure, the trick is – you need to use the blush in the shape of a bow, from the outer corner of the eye to the center.

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6The Enlightener

To make your eyes look bigger, you need an enlightener to apply to the center of the eyelids, the inner corners of your eyes and the arch.

In this way, you will get eyes full of energy, seemingly bigger and lighter.


7The magical mascara

Next in the list of makeup products for eyes is mascara.

Who doesn’t know about mascara; probably one of the most important cosmetic products for eyes.

The mascara helps you create the illusion of bigger eyes.

Apply the full mascara, focusing more on the center area of the upper lashes.

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8Try to experiment with shades

“Do have something you never had, you need to do something you never did,” they say. So, put aside the routine eyeliner and pencils in brown and black shades. Experiment something new.

Try some other colors and you might be pleasantly surprised! There are colors that can really help you in making your eyes look bigger.

Try pink, gold, silver or any other shade that fits your eyes and give your eyes the next level of brightness.

These are a few tips that can make your eyes look bigger. I get to learn about these from a beauty expert friend of mine. Do you have any with you? Do share with us.