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Bestofme.in | How to Kiss a Woman
Bestofme.in | How to Kiss a Woman

How to Kiss a Woman


Sukhdeep Singh

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  1. Be sure she wants to kiss you.
  2. Be gentle and patient.
  3. Hold her neck or hair.
  4. Vary your kissing style.

Kissing is one of the most intimate acts a couple enjoys. It is considered to be even more intimate than sex itself, evident by the fact that prostitutes will not kiss their clients.

Kissing has been known to boost libido, release of feel-good and bonding hormones in men and women. Not to mention that kissing is an enjoyable act of pleasure. Most women and men decide if they have met a compatible partner by the way a first kiss goes. These are many reasons why you must learn how to perfectly kiss a woman and what women want when it comes to kissing.

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We have gathered a few tips, dos and don’ts, to help you become the perfect kisser and make your woman weak in the knees.

Make sure she wants to kiss you

If it is the first kiss, you want to be sure that she wants to kiss you as well. The best way to know, is to directly tell her that you wantto kiss her and wait for a response. Or, you can lean into her just a bit and tilt your head to the side, keep your eyes trained between her eyes and lips then slowly lean in. If she backs away, that’s a no, but if she leans in, by all means go for it. You could also test the waters by trying to hold her hands or moving in for a hug, if she responds positively then you can go for the kiss.

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Great kissers listen to their partners, make eye contact and are gentle. It is the ultimate show of love to be understanding of your partners need and desire. The art of kissing combines all of the tricks below plus a healthy dose of teasing and variation in kissing pattern.

Fresh Breath

This cannot be overemphasized, brush, floss and carry mints with you. There is no greater turn off than a man whose breath stinks. It not only cuts any kiss short but it also cuts any future chances of dating as well, because no woman will want to date a man with questionable oral hygiene.

Be Gentle

When starting a kiss, it should be tentative, gently kiss the lips before attempting to use your tongue. Don’t let your kiss be all teeth, teeth, teeth; be attuned to your partner. Don’t clamp down on the tongue or lips.

Use your hands

Letting your hands lie limp by your side could signal to your partner that you are not really into them. Women can gently place their palms on the man’s chest, face, or shoulders, or run their fingers through his hair. Men can gently hold the nape of the woman’s neck, or her waist or her face. This communicates that you are open to your partner.

Don't drown her

Men tend to over salivate due to testosterone increase. Because of this, they tend to salivate more than women, and subsequently pour saliva into her mouth. You want to guard against this, no woman wants to be swallowing all of your saliva just because she’s kissing you.

Tongue Action

When initiating a kiss, start with lightly kissing the lower lip then the upper lip, if she opens up her mouth, you can begin to ease your tongue in. But don’t force your way in or keep poking her with your tongue. Keep your lips slightly open and jaws relaxed so she can introduce her own tongue if she wants to. If she does, don’t forcefully suck on her tongue or immediately begin jamming your own tongue down her throat.

Vary your methods, kiss both lips and occasionally break the kiss to breathe. During the break, you can kiss her cheek or forehead, this allows you to catch your breath while still maintaining the mood.

Above all, remember that kissing involves a lot of listening and patience. You need to be in tune with your partner and match her own desires.