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How to ignore people you don't like
How to ignore people you don't like

How to ignore people you don’t like


Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.



  1. Do not run.
  2. Use buffers.
  3. Scare them.
  4. Make them feel uncomfortable.

That guy in black; I just hate being around him. He is such a moron and fake that even China is not taking credit for him. He is a morning spoiler. But, I don’t know how to ignore him. 

We are living in a world where phones are becoming smart, and phone users are becoming idiots. Idiots everywhere. No wonder, how best you try to ignore people you don’t like, but you are going to see them like a dog-shit, right in front of your door.  Well, liking or not liking someone is purely a personal decision and perfectly normal. On top of this, you are not a joker to make everyone happy. You have a right to ignore people who annoys you for any reason. Here is how to ignore people you don’t like.

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Treat Them Like A Total Stranger

Not an easy thing to do, but treating them as a complete stranger is going to make them feel uncomfortable. If you see them coming, treat them like you treat every other stranger; an emotionless look. Make them feel as uncomfortable as you can by saying nothing.

Let him play his cards. You need to behave like you are no longer interested in his crap. Stop thinking about that person because the more you think about him, the more it is going to disturb you.

Trust me, nothing can annoy you, but yourself. Do remember that your nervousness is going to make them feel happy. Let me ask, “do you often waste your time on every stranger you meet on the road? I hardly doubt.”

Stop Looking or Staring

You don’t like someone, stop paying attention. The best thing you can do to express your rejection is – undervaluing their importance. Try not to notice them. Imagine they are not there.

I have seen people complaining about dirty looks. You cannot stop others from scanning you, but you can always save your energy by ignoring someone.

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Stop Discussing Them

Stop making them a topic of your discussion. The only aim of these troublemakers is fetching our attention; directly or indirectly.

You must not talk about them with anyone because you don’t know whether the person you are sharing your thoughts with, is in your favor or not.

Keep Your Head High

Do not show them that you are afraid. Look in their eyes and don’t let them feel that you are upset because of them.

Actually, this is what they want. They want you to run and feel uncomfortable. But, you need to face them as boldly as you can. You need to tell them – ‘who are you.’

Use Buffers

If avoiding is not a solution, you can take a friend of yours with you. That friend can buffer your encounter with the person you don’t want to be around.

This one buffer can ensure that things between you and that nuisance-maker remain at civil levels only. And, if anything gets serious, he can neutral the subject.

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Don’t Run

If you see them blocking your ways and always trying to drag you into useless conversations; don’t ignore them, but learn to confront them diplomatically.

You need to learn the art of interacting as if you don’t care. No wonder, you are going to see these idiots everywhere and running is not a permanent solution. The best part is – “show me what you got?”

Scare Them

Try to work on your body language. Stand affirm and fold your arms. You should not give impressions like you are trying things. Give them a coldest stare. And, if they still try to laugh at you, do not respond.

It is all about not showing any irritation or hesitation. In that case, leave the scene and do not look back. Move forward like nothing has happened. This is surely going to confuse them and next time, they will think twice before blocking your way.

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It is not very hard to deal with queen-bees kind of people because to the worst they can only spread news and rumors about you. Let them live in their world of fantasy as you really don’t need to prove yourself.

These abnormal, insecure, and emotionally challenged people are always in hunt of easy preys and free publicity; don’t buy one for them.