Secrets Exposed – How To Have Beautiful Feet

Photo Credit: pixabay

We spend enough time taking care of our skin and our hair, but we often forget our feet. Our feet carry us through life each day – an average of about 10,000 steps a day.

With so much movement they rejoice at the end of the day a lot of love, affection and above all care. You need to take care of your feet. Right from cutting your toenails properly so that it can grow without causing your any more discomfort, you also need to make sure that there are no cracks in the cornea. Fissures, blisters, calluses, foot odor, corns … you’ve probably sometimes had to deal with. These troubles are not always pleasant, and therefore it is good to pay a little more attention to your feet. Let us learn about a few more tips on how to have beautiful feet with little efforts.

1Dry Feet

Without strict discipline and consistency, it will be hard to have a wonderful and admirable feet. At least once a day, you need to treat and cure your feet with moisturizing creams.

Urea cream is a bless for feet with hard skin as it makes your feet softer and provides a lot of moisture. The foam creams are ideal as they are absorbed quickly, they lie like a protective shield around the foot and bring wonderful results throughout the day.

2Foot Baths For Great Feet

In winter can be warm foot bath, in the heat of summer relaxing and refreshing. And, with the right recipe it may even be medically effective. A foot bath is a real feel rounder and can do much more than you think.

It makes your skin soft because the softer the skin, the better the results; as the soft skin can absorb all care lotions and essential oils from the foot bath. Do not forget to dry your feet after foot bath.


3The Right Shoes

It is said that the perfect and “healthy” heels are two to three centimeters high. Metatarsal and tarsal bones are so ideal in their positions and the weight is distributed perfectly 50:50.

We all want to wear the same shoe every day, but still not banish sneakers, sandals or high heels from the shoe cabinet. According to experts, every day you must change the height of shoes.

So your feet stay healthy longer. Shoes with higher obstruct a healthy weight distribution and in the long run, it leads to knee or back problems. Instead, we should better rely on flat shoes. The weight can be distributed better here than in high heels.

4Barefoot Through The World

Treat yourself to a free reflexology massage: In the foot, we have nearly 70,000 nerve ending. When walking barefoot on natural and uneven ground, these nerves are stimulated. This has a positive effect on the whole body, relaxes the mind and exercising your feet.

5Relaxing Foot Massage

What more relaxing than a great massage? And the best part about foot massage is – you can do it without anyone’s help. Do spend some time doing foot massage as it will improve the blood circulation your feet.

Just rub a little cream on your hands, sit down and put your feet on the heels. Massage with the thumb across the instep from the ankle to the tips of your toes. Then, the sole of the toe massage to the balls of feet.

For maximum relaxation – massage in the other direction of bales emphasizes to tiptoe. Then, massage the entire sole in the circular motion – a decrease of heels on the ball of feet and the middle of the footprint.

6Cures for Dry Feet

The best time to treat you dry and stressed feet is preferably overnight. Massage your feet thoroughly with a moisturizing foot cream just before sleeping. Before going to bed, apply the cream generously to feet and let it work for all 1-2 hours.

Alternatively, you can leave the cure for overnight and for the protection you can put on your socks. After the time – do not forget to rinse it thoroughly.

7Foot Odor? No Thanks!

In the summer season, it not only armpit that sweats, but even the feet have unpleasant odors. Our feet have sweat glands that release a lot of sweat in closed shoes.

One can use the available insoles for sweaty feet or conventional powder. All of these can be purchased from the drugstore. If everything else fails, consult a doctor who can take care of solving your welding problem.

8Hair Removal on the Feet

The fine hairs on instep and toes can unsightly shine in the summer in the sun and can be really annoying. Since the foot is different from the legs, shaving them is not a feasible solution.

As an alternative: depilatory cream, wax strips or sugar paste can be used for hair removal. You need to be careful while using these wax strips and in case you feel any skin irritation, consult a doctor.

Along with above-cited care tip, it is always advisable to use airy flip-flops. In addition, the pedicure specialists know more than anyone about good foot care.

Should you want to pamper your feet again significantly, fix an appointment with a podiatrist. You can expect more suggestions on how to treat the discomfort of the feet and how to prevent foot problems.

There are plenty of ways to get beautiful feet and maintain. How do you keep your feet healthy?