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How to have a balance between personal and professional life?

How to have a balance between personal and professional life
How to have a balance between personal and professional life
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Kumar Sunil

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Do not confuse having a career with having a life.Hillary Rodham Clinton

We are inhabitants of the speed century and for most of us, the biggest challenge is – maintaining a balancing between personal and professional life. In a race of stabilizing our career, we are giving up many hours a day, including the hours that we must spend with our families. The word ‘balance’ stirs panic in the minds of those who dream constantly for a free life. But, most of us them find it hard. The best way to regain balance between professional and personal lives is allocating your time and attention on things that can be controlled. Allocating all hours of the day of service is a choice, not a conviction. Before anything else, you should know that sacrificing private life for career satisfaction is not a good option at all. One can always opt for the middle ground.

Plan your daily schedule

The is the first mistake that we all do while sorting a balance between our personal and professional life. We always complain about the lack of time. Being proactive about our own program is a great thing unless we are having a correct dosage each day. Work is important, no question about that. But, on our agenda, we must spare a few for our friends or partner. In this way, you will have time limits to respect. Every time you check your organizer, you will have an automatic reminder of how you have already allocated your hours. Give a closer look at the percentage of hours spent working and the hours dedicated to relaxation. When there are big differences between them, it is an alarm that you need some changes in lifestyle; maybe an extra hour for reading, better management of time in the office, at home or others. On paper, these issues may be addressed more easily. And this is the first step toward solving them.

Giving up unnecessary activities

Another cause of existential chaos in the lives of many people is investing time and energy in useless activities that do not add value to life. Wasting free moments using technological equipment without a real purpose or spending extra time at work just to chat with colleagues good examples in this regard. The solution, in this case, is listing activities that do not benefit the professional and personal lives and gradually reducing the amount of time invested in them. For example, time spent at work overtime can be reduced considerably by avoiding accessing social media, taking unnecessary mobile calls, checking the internet for useless things. These habits affect the quality of life more than we realize and also ate up your time that you otherwise can spend doing positive things.

Keep an eye on all opportunities

If there is even the slightest possibility of asking your employer for more flexibility in working hours, it is better to maximum advantage. The same is true for the delegation. The higher amount of control you will have on your time, the lesser amount of stress you will feel, which is really good. Practicing this trick, you can easily eliminate stress in the workplace and can ensure a positive psychological state.

Art to say ‘NO’

We are in a society where refusing things are becoming a must. Once you learn to say ‘no’ to things that you think are going to alter your schedules, you will be doing a really big favor to you. Stop accepting tasks just because of obligations. Once you stop doing so, you will begin to regain balance between personal and professional life. Assertiveness is evidence of maturity and controls your own lives. If next time you’re asked by a colleague to take care of an additional task, politely refuse the request without remorse. Carefully weigh decisions of this type and the extent to which you are entitled to certain responsibilities. In this way, you have more time for activities that they often postpone, but which will really bring satisfaction.

Isolation problems at work

Now that technology is facilitating enables a connection between people and stuff anywhere, boundaries between service and the home are disappearing. But, in reality, this limit is extremely important because this is the only thing that ensures a correct balance between personal and professional life. In short, it is better to keep your laptop bag aside, when you are at home; at family, spend time with family. Any urgent professional or related service may be delayed until the start of next day. At home, you must allocate your entire time to the family.

Asking for help

Taking too many tasks and responsibilities will for sure get you a best employee’s award, but it is surely going to be a physiologically and mentally major collapse. It is better to seek help from your colleagues, instead handling everything of own. At home, offer/seek the help of a spouse, children or other family members about housekeeping, shopping and meal preparation. You should learn to prioritize things and do not let yourself overload with the responsibilities of others.

Make personal care a priority, follow a balanced diet (without excess or starvation), adopt a healthy lifestyle, learn to enjoy a morning dance, spare some time for reading. At the same time, explore new activities that your family is going to enjoy. All these ways of relaxation are essential to efforts to balance work and personal life satisfaction.

Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.