How To Handle Rejections and Move Forward In Life

How To Handle Rejections and Move Forward In Life
How To Handle Rejections and Move Forward In Life
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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Sometimes life becomes very ruthless and it treats you like shit. Yes, I am talking about the pain that one has to go through after rejection, which can be difficult to tolerate many times, especially when it is related to love affairs.

How to deal with rejection, many people often ask me questions in different ways such as rejection of marriage proposal, rejection of friendship proposal, rejection on job selection, business tender rejection etc. It can be easy to deal with rejection and move forward in life. Today I would like to talk about how to handle rejections and move forward in life.

At first, we have to understand that we cannot control rejections and anyone can be a victim of rejections. Be it a rejection of relationships or in careers, it really hurts. There is no doubt that due to these rejections, many people become victims of depression too and many of them even become criminals. The incidents of suicide and acid attacks after rejections are not new. This proves that in some cases, it becomes very difficult for a few to handle rejections and move forward in life.

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1Why is it difficult to deal with rejection

Let us first try to know why it is so difficult to deal with rejection. Actually, rejection can easily usurp your mind and it can completely control your mind. In simpler terms, whenever you are sitting alone or you have time to think about your past, it becomes very easy for you to stuck in the memories of that person or the reasons behind the rejection. Not only this, many people even told me that even when they are happy, they seem to lost in the memories of old days or ex-partners. Well, if that is the case with you too, then you need to be very careful.

2What do the experts say

Before writing my opinions, I have explored many articles about this topic. To my wonder, most of the authors and psychiatrist are proposing the same idea of not leaving your mind vacant. To an extent, they are right. But, I have a difference of opinion.

According to their idea, if you as a victim have free time, then you cannot stop your mind from not thinking about the rejection. Therefore, you must not leave your mind vacant. They say that after rejection, one must keep himself/herself as busy as he can. One can form a relationship (emotional or sexual) with others, he can go out with friends, or he can plan a family vacation, etc.

But, I believe these are momentary relieves and are not going to serve as a permanent solution. Even after doing all these, there is no surety that you will be able to learn how to handle rejections and move forward in life. In simple words, all these aforesaid measures are nothing, but momentary distractions. And, in such a situation where you are looking for a permanent cure for the pain of rejections, you don’t need a distraction, but a target that you can focus on.

3Distraction vs. Focus

I have also suffered this pain and trust me, I had tried countless distractions. Then, my psychiatrist advised me that instead of diverting my mind doing useless things, I should focus my attention on progressive things. Instead of playing around, I should move towards a goal.

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4Give yourself a goal and become an example for the person who rejected you

I would like to tell you that if you too wanted to know how to handle rejections and move forward in life, then give yourself a goal and focus your attention on that. We have to understand that we are the only reasons behind someone’s rejection. It is bitter, but the truth that someone rejects us because of our shortcomings. In that case, how about making that reason a goal?

I don’t think so that there could be any other better way to make someone feel guilty than working on the reason of rejection and presenting yourself as an example in the eyes of the person who ditched you.